MIT “Operations Research and the Internet” Talk 30 May 2008

massachusetts institute of technology

If anyone is interested in the theoretical side of online advertising, check out MIT’s “Operations Research and the Internet” conference May 29 –30 at the Tang Center at MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Schedule still coming together, but speakers include Meredith Goldsmith of Google, Prof. David Williamson of Cornell, Prof. Ramesh Johari of Stanford, Prof. Balaji Prabhakar of Stanford, and Prof. Devavrat Shah of MIT.

I’m honored to be invited back to speak on “The Business And Mathematics of Pay-Per-Click Bidding.”

If you’re in Boston on May 30th and enjoy equations, do come on by.

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    One Response to “MIT “Operations Research and the Internet” Talk 30 May 2008”
    1. Stephen says:


      Thank you for recommending this conference. It would never have hit my radar. I registered today and look forward to hopefully meeting you in person.