A totally different approach for a website: dry erase marker on kitchen appliances.

No One Belongs Here More Than You is a microsite for a new book of short stories by Miranda July.

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    1. Deb Neumann says:

      Saw this site mentioned online through New York Magazine for week ending 4/21/07. Loved it. Can’t wait to read this new pub. The website is as New York Magazine described it. Very good job. And I need to get the pink cover (wardwrobe issue). Kitchen appliances are the best way ever to alert the public to a new pub. Hats off, Ms Melinda. The gas stove is way better than a textured fridge, n’est pas? Nothing beats an enamled appliance. Well, maybe except an actual dry-erase board. Good luck and bonne chance with this. You have a very nice and fun web site. Best wishes!!