Feb 282008

Mike Ullman, J. C. Penney CEO: Hello again!

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Mike Ullman, III
Chief Executive Officer
J.C. Penney, Inc.
6501 Legacy Drive
Plano, TX 54024

February 28, 2008

Hello Mike –

Me again.

You've probably not yet had time to respond to my previous letter, but I wanted to follow up, as we've received more customer service mail intended for you.

Jerome is seeking some help with his hutch -- his comment is here.

A nice woman in Illinois sent you, via postal mail to our PO box, a two page hand-written apology. It seems she shoplifted a shirt from one of your stores as a teenager and now regrets that. She apologizes and enclosed a $22 check made out to J. C. Penney. I'm forwarding her letter and her check to you in today's mail.

I'm still uncertain as to why your customers are choosing to reach out to you via our blog.....

In my prior note, I asked your opinion of how blogging is changing the relationship between customer and corporation.

I'd enjoy hearing your views on that. Would you be up for a phone interview?

Cheers --


Alan Rimm-Kaufman
President, Rimm-Kaufman Group

PS. A similar customer service issue was posted to our blog comments about a TitleNine order; their CEO Missy Park jumped in and responded.

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34 Responses to "Mike Ullman, J. C. Penney CEO: Hello again!"
Dear Mr. Ullman, I worked for JCpenney for almost 18 years. In the past servely months they deceied to change my job disription. well when I spoke to tracy jones about the new job,he offerd me a couple diffrent options and he also told me about the package deal being offed on april 15,2008.well i choose to leave the company and take the package. I took my 5 weeks vaction thinking by the time i got back that I could just sign my papers and go on my way. But guess what? that did not happened.I told to take a leave.At this point I was really upset no money coming.I was sick and not getting anywhere.I had corprate and not get any help.so i'am turning to you for help. I never got my 10 weeks. so i was wondering if you can look in too is for me? Iworked for2071-9 like i said I with the company for 18 years.It's sad that I had to go thourgh this.My contacts were The head of hr I do not have name and he wastn't really kind to me he didn't return most of my calls,V.Jackson and of coures Tracy Jones I thank you for your time in this matter. Thank you, Rachel Harper Home phone #954454-XXXX
Andrea Gray says:
Mr. Ullman I bought a Spring Air Mattress from a J.C.Penneys store in Fresno CA in Feb. 2008. I paid $1348.00 for a defective mattress. 4 months later there are huge body impressions. My husband and I can not even turn over. It also causing back pain. I called J.C. Penney customer service and they sent me a huge package. For 2 months I have been jumping through hoops trying to get a refund or exchange on this defective mattress. I was informed from the packet that I had to take pictures of the mattress while making measurements of the impressions using a broom stick and a ruler. I then waited for weeks and called numerous times to find out all my pictures and paperwork did not matter (and were probably not even looked at) because someone would have to come out and look at the mattress. Scheduling that evaluation took another two weeks and I had to sit at home for a 4 hour window waiting for someone to come look at it. I waited another two weeks and finally called J.C. Penney's customer service myself and was told that the impressions were only 1 inch deep and that was not significant and if it continued to be a problem I could call back in 90 days and I would be sent another package to start this nightmare all over again. When I took the measurements I saw 2 inch impressions. Plus even if they were 1 inch impressions, to me that is unaccectable for a mattress that is 4 months old. I would also like to mention that the Penneys customer service people I spoke with were always very rude (except for one time). At this point I want my money back and if I have to wait for 90 days to resubmit a problem with the mattress, my husband, a physician, has advised that we will also be submitting medical documentation of our back pain. If this is not resolved I will never dream of buying anything from J.C.Penneys again. Andrea Gray
Joshua says:
Mr Ullman I will never shop at J.C.penney again.I shop at the one on Barrett pky,at town center mall.the store was in shambles,And they did not have my size anywere.And on top of that the sales associates ether egnore you,or delibertly avoid you.Standing two feet away, they act like they dont even see you. It was the worst experience I have ever had trying to buy clothes. And I will take my business some place else from no on.
Theresa Colston says:
Mike Ullman, J. C. Penney CEO I just received my long awaited portraits that I had done of my daughter and I have two comments for process improvement that would increase my customer satisfaction in your store. 1) It took over 15 days to have this order fulfilled even though they are digital photographs! I can send my own digital photos to Walgreens.com and be able to pick them up same day. Why on earth should I have to wait 15 days for photos? 2) Once I had received these photos, the bottom of the portraits all had a white strip with bar code information and other printed material. Reviewing my purchase at the store, I commented on this unsightly addition to the photographs and the sales person informed me that all I had to do was cut it off myself. After 15 days with these photos, you would think that you could at least provide to me a photo that was complete and professional looking without the barcode information. We used Sears last time and thought that we had a bad experience there, but after doing business with you, we will be going back to Sears for the next round of photos. Thanks, Theresa Colston
Richard Burns says:
Mr. Ullman, I have been a loyal customer of J C Penney for over 30 years. I received my J C Penney card over 15 years ago and I have carried a balance on that card ever since and I always pay my bills on time. I recently received a letter from your company advising me the interest rate would be increasing to almost 23%. I called customer service and was informed by your representative that this was a company decision and there is nothing she or I can do about it. My loyalty and outstanding history with J C Penney has absolutely nothing to do with it. She also informed me that my platinum status is my reward for being loyal, carrying a balance for over 15 years and paying my bills on time. Since your "company" has made this decision, specially in these hard economic times, and refuses to take into account my history with your company, I would like to inform you that neither I nor my extensive Family will be shopping in your stores going forward. We will happily take our business and money to Sears. If you would like to discuss, please feel free to contact me @ xxx-xxx-5891. You have my e-mail address. Regards, Richard M. Burns II
Concerned employee says:
I recently received at job with JCPenney in Carbondale IL. The day that I went into the store to apply, I had met the hair salon manager (Sheila). She was asking me if I happened to be a hair stylist because she was in desperate need for stylists. I told her that I was not, but that my fiance was. After talking further with the hair salon manager, she informed me that she was hiring for a receptionist as well. She told me that she needed a receptionist for the weekends, which was a perfect schedule for my fiance. After I left the store, I called my fiance and told her about the position that was open. She went online and applied right away. A couple of days later my fiance received a voice mail from the hair salon manager about wanting her to come in for an interview, but the voice mail that was left had started to break up and cut off so my fiance was unable to hear the entire message. My fiance called the manager, who wasn't available at that time, and left her a message explaining how she was unable to hear the entire voice mail. Days went by and the manager never called her back. My fiance tried to call her back, but the manager never made herself available to talk with her. Finally, one day as I was waiting for my training to start, I saw that manager and started to explain to her about how she had left a message for my fiance, but that my fiance couldn't make out the entire message and that my fiance had left a message and that the manager never called back. The manager started to act, "snobbish," and said, "I tried to call her back, but music started to play and so I hung up because I would not consider her based on that." When I tried to explain to the manager that my fiance does not have music playing on her phone when you call her, and tried asking her if she was sure she was thinking about my fiance and not someone else, the manager said, "SORRY!!! but ummmmm....yes there was," so rude like and then she walked away. First off, my fiance doesn't have music playing on her phone when you call her. Second, my fiance is very well qualified having over 10 years of experience directly related to the position, and being an employee, I knew that the manager still hadn't fulfilled the position my fiance had applied for. But most importantly, if my fiance were to have music playing on her cell phone-although she doesn't-and with the manager telling me that that was her reason for not considering my fiance for the position, that is an obvious act of discrimination. It is against the law, for any employer to NOT hire a qualified individual based on a managers bias opinion. Since my fiance is well qualified, and since there was a position opened, that manager should had stuck with the original interview that she had tried to set up with my fiance, and should had called my fiance back since the message that the manager had left was cut off not allowing my fiance the interview time. This situation is very upsetting to my fiance and I. We are in search of a corporate attorney, and being strong believers that discrimination is ALWAYS wrong, know that something must be done to point out the importance, for corporations like JCPennys, to never again discriminate against anyone else.
Kenneth Carney says:
I have been shopping at JC Penneys for quite some time now and have spent thousands of dollars at my local store in Bayshore, New York. Literally thousands, mostly on jewelry. I have made major purchases, I have a regular credit card account and I have bought numerous items with cash. There is not one employee in the jewelery section who does not know me and/or my wife. My point is that I am greatly dissatisfied with the quality of the jewelery I continue to purchase. I've had numerous diamonds fall out that I have luckily retrieved but the two that are of great significance are my wifes engagment ring and her wedding band. I cannot explain the ridiculousness of this situation in one single email but I must stress the fact that it is continued and as opposed to giving us a new ring we are told that if it cannot be fixed we will be reimbursed the money. I bout a thousand dollar band for three something during one of the sales. Why would I want the money for that? How could I replace a thousand dollar ring with three hundred dollars, should I have to wait for another sale in order to replace another obviously defective piece of jewelry. This is ridiculous, I go to JC Penneys not Macys and not my private jeweler who continues to urge me to stay away from Penneys, I'm unfortunatley beginning to understand these statements as I realize that you love me when I'm spending money but can't help me when the product is not quite what I paid for...
Hank White says:
Your reduction of my nominal credit line of 5k to 1k is the second such reduction. Why, because I did not happen to use my JCP CC during the past 6-9 months. This is the LAST DAMN time JCP is going to disrespect my EARNED credit line with a FICO score of 807, with reducing my credit line because of CC non use. Seems that SEARS REALLY does value my 30 +years of business with an EARNED AND DESREVED credit line of $14950. This card has had a ZERO BALANCE for the past year or so and while it is not "fun money" to splurge, it is nice to know that ANYTHING I may need could be covered with this credit line. A seperate mailing will contain my cut in half card sent to the JCP president of financial services. What a F------ joke title to have and be able to treat a valued customer like S---.... William H. White
Andrew says:
Mr Ullman, My wife purchased an item online from JC Penny and saw a little button that said "save $10.00 on this purchase" so she clicked it and now I am enrolled in a plan that costs me $10.00 a month. Sweet deal for you! Now I had to spend time figuring out what this charge was on my credit card, wait on hold, cancel the subscription, write you this email and send emails to all my family and friends asking them to not shop at JC Penny. I don't understand why a large company like JC Penny would resort to deceitful marketing schemes for $10.00 only to make a customer so angry that they never shop at one of your stores again. I assume you were not aware of this so I ask you to go have a look at it yourself. Thank you. Andrew Williams Frisco Texas
Hank says:
The following was sent today to the "big cheese".... November 19, 2008 Mr. Myron E. Ullman III JCPenney CEO 6501 Legacy Drive Plano, TX 75024 RE:JCP Account xxx-xxx-xxx-xx Mr. Ullman, This communication will be the last from a customer of more than 34 years. I have been disrespected for the last damn time by your company, namely the financial division which has again reduced my credit limit, this time from 5k to 1k. This has been due to the lack of use of your credit card of which is primarily held for unexpected needs that may require more than the cash on hand that I normally would have. Most of my JCP needs were filled by paying cash or check and a credit purchase is not normally required. My last purchase was an on-line purchase, (which has just today been returned), due to the limit reduction. From this credit line reduction you are really saying that you do not want or need me as a customer, of which I now totally agree. If you valued my business as much as SEARS does, your “financial Richard heads” would have not shown such disrespect to a FORMER customer with an 807 FICO score…. Over the same number of years I have built a credit line of $14,950 (presently $14,600 available), with SEARS and at no time has there ever been a reduction of my limit. You will process the adjusted balance due of $25.40 on my account, give a ole “attaboy to Steve Engleman for totally pissing off this former customer, and finally, take either of the two pieces of my JCP card taped below, and place them up the dark depths of your corporate bowels. I WILL SEE “ACCOUNT CLOSED – BY CUSTOMER REQUEST ON MY NEXT CREDIT REPORT – OR GET READY TO BE MY ATTORNEY’S LUNCH….
Susan Scott says:
Dear Mr. Ullman: I was shopping in the Penney's store in Ft. Worth, Texas, and overheard a sales person say, "I could get fired for saying Merry Christmas. I have to say, Happy Holidays." Is this true?? I love to shop in Penney's, but I cannot support this!!!
DD Williams says:
Mr Ullman, After shopping in your new Riverdale, Utah location i am suprised that anyone would ever return. I recently recieved a american express gift cheque from my employer and decided to use it to purchase my wife new rugs for her kitchen. Upon standing in the checkout for 20 minutes waiting for an available teller, I presented my gift cheque to pay for the purchase and it was denied. So the not so freindly teller contacted her manager (Diane A.) who after several minutes showed up to treat me as though I was a hardened criminal trying to pass a phoney gift cheque. Mind you My employer is Union Pacific RailRoad who issued me the gift. After Diane A. lifted the cheque up to the light not once but six to seven times in front of 20 to 25 customers behind me in line. To say the least this was embarassing. Mind you" this type of treatment will never happen to me again at JC Penny's because myself and my extended family will never purchase another item from your stores. Shame on you and your companies business ethics. oh and Merry Christmas. You Can't Fire Me
Richard says:
I have been a customer of JCP for 15 years. Two years ago I opened a JCP credit account for the nice incentives to do such. I paid my account off a few months later. Last month I checked my credit report and found a $7 chargeoff from JCP! This is bologna! I would have never paid all but this amount, somehow the CSR fouled up the payment or miscommunicated the amount owed. Going further, I never received any correspondence that stated I owed this amount. Seems like the amount was not enough to send a statement, but just enough to file a chargeoff on my credit report. How amazing your company is. Please contact to fix this is you come across this blog, and maybe I'll spend my $ in your store again. Richard
Melissa M. Martin says:
Dear Mr Ullman, I have been a customer since July of 1989 and have always paid for all charges on my JCPENNEY PRIVILEGE GOLD CARD. June/July of 2006 my family was transfered to Canada on a 3 year work visa, before departing I did an address change on my billing statement with my new Canadian address. My mail was also forwarded for 3 months after. I never recieved a billing statement showing a balance. I really thought my Jcpenney's bill was paid off in full. In December of 2007 we traveled home for Christmas (NW Arkansas) I shopped at Jcpenney and went to use my JCP gold card and I was told that the account was closed and the clerk came to a conclusion that it must of closed due to inactivity, I figured it had been over a year since I used it. I was advised it would be easier to open a new account instead of reinstating the old one, so I did and recieved a new account. The clerk was having trouble putting in a Canadian address so we decided to use my local address and I gave my mom cash and when the bill came it she paid it in full. Now for the 2008 holiday season we traveled home again and shopped at JCP and I used my new account with no problems. On January 6, 2009 I was contacted by a collection agency telling me I had a outstanding account. At first I thought they had the wrong person, I thought that the charges were not mine, and then decided they could be so my husband and I decided to take care of the outstanding amount. What is so upsetting is that Jcpenney's did not contact me with the outstanding balance and allowed me to open a new account knowing I had an outstanding balance, used it again a year later. The collection agency found me in 2 days, now this is on my credit report and now you have a very unhappy customer that wants answers as to why this happened. Sincerely, Melissa M.
Christine Williams says:
JCP, I placed an order for a recliner chair on 11/28/08 and still have yet to see it???? #2008-3331-5017-3410 At the time of the order placement your website said it would deliver in 2-3 weeks. I have since called and talked to numerous CSR's that tell me there is nothing they can do to help, since the chair is coming from the manufacturer and not your wharehouse?? I do not care where it comes from-It is your job to get me the product i oredered in a timely matter and follow through on your website with delivery dates!!!They changed the expected ship date on the computer 4 TIMES. However as I just went into your website to order another it still tells me that a cahir will be shipped in 2-3weeks yeah right!!!!! no mention of back order or delay from your side of this mess. This is false advertisement at best. How can you allow a supplier to to be so negligent in there service to you and your customers. But still the responsibility lies with you to represent JCP as honest, and allow this to continue, The buck must stop with you. Also, I bought this chair in order to recooperate from a 3 level back surgery. thanks for you concern. Christine Williams
Elizabeth S. Hackett says:
I am writing to express my displeasure. It occurred to me that I had not received a bill in a while, yet I knew I owed $10.49 from December purchases. Finally I decided maybe I should check on-line. I discovered you had changed my billing address to somewhere in Virginia, while retaining my correct address as my shipping address and listing my correct telephone number, even at the incorrect address. My account is now considered past-due, with an additional $1 for finance charge. I called the 800# and was told I WAS THE ONE who notified you on 12/9 of my address change. I NEVER notified anyone - I have been at this address for 34 years, and am still here !! Obviously someone else, perhaps with a similar account number, made a change of address your people entered it incorrectly, and now they are not getting their correct information. Also, if my bills were received at that address, and returned to you, your office should have checked into it. If the bills were NOT returned it means that person now has access to my information since the full account number is listed on your statements. They can be charging items using that number, which is mine. HOW WILL THIS BE RECTIFIED ? You have my e-mail address, my account # ends 548-2. Your records have my correct tele. #, even with the incorrect address. I feel the only safe thing for me to do is to cancel my credit card with you. I expect the courtesy of a reply. Thank you.
Andrew says:
Well never received a reply. Just wanted to let you know I shop at Macy's now and spent several hundred dollars this past year. I wont even go in a JC penny.
Amber says:
Good morning! I just wanted to let you all know that I am getting married in October. My biggest concern was that my bridesmaids would be able to find cute and affordable dresses for the wedding. I just didnt want it to be a financial burden on them to be in my wedding. Thanks to JC Penny, they were all able to get their dresses for under $40. Thats incredible! Once again, you have outdone yourself. Thank you so much for what you do and making shopping easy on us! We will be registering at JC Penny for our wedding now as well. You guys are awesome!
terry lakes says:
Ladies and Gentlemen: I need to get your attention on the treatment I received at your West County store in St. Louis Mo. I went into the store on March 20 to return a necklace. The clerk asked me why I was returning the necklace and I told him my husband said I can't get it. The clerk, who did not have his name badge visible, later told me his name was Keith. He called another gentleman from the back, they talked and the other gentleman returned to the back. The clerk told me that he had to get it "Okayed" by a manager. I thought this was unusual. I waited at the counter for five minutes. When you are waiting five minutes it seems like 15. The clerk kept stalling. The gentleman returned from the back of the store and told me that I needed to "return it to the store I bought it from". I asked him was JCPenney one company. This gentleman told me "Yes" but he spoke to the manager who said that I needed to take it back to the other store. When I asked his name he then told me that he was loss prevention. I asked the clerk why loss prevention was called. The clerk told me that he was "doing his job". I then asked for the corporate number and was told by both employees that they did not know the number. I asked how long he worked for the company and he said "10 years." By this time another person comes from the back (Kelly) and asked me AGAIN "why are you returning it". I asked her for the district office number. I called the district office and was told that the district manager was on vacation, and I needed to talk to the store manager, Mark Francis. While I was waiting another 10 minutes for the manager to come talk to me the loss prevention person asked me AGAIN...Why are you returning it? I told him that I did not want it. The loss prevention person told me "That's funny you bought it at 7 pm last night and you want to return it at 2:00 the next day"! I told him, "I am a customer and I have a right to change my mind when ever I want to." I was standing at the counter with my receipt looking for another number to call when the loss prevention person snatched the receipt from me. When I went to grab it back from him he then told me I was going to be locked up. I called the District office again and told the lady on the phone, who told me that I needed to talk to the manager, that this is getting out of hand and I really need the manager to come out here soon. The lady seemed upset that I was calling her again. She asked, "Where did you get this number from?" She told me, "The manager is coming out; you will have to wait on him". After I hung up the phone with the lady at the office, loss prevention asked me for an ID...I told him I was waiting on the manager. Loss prevention then told me that I was not going to get the credit card back because I was "attempting credit card fraud". Mr. Francis finally came from the back of the store and asked me "Did I think it was a little odd to make a large purchase and return it the next day?" I asked Mr. Francis was he going to credit my account and he looked me in my eye and said, "NO!" I said, "Ok, can I have my purchase back?" The clerk (Kelly) gave me my bag. I asked for my credit card, and was told by loss prevention "You're not getting it." He then called mall security. Mr. Francis told loss prevention to print my credit card and put my name on a piece of paper and keep it. I guess now I was being finger printed. I waited still for mall security. The officers arrived. Loss prevention told them that I did not have an ID to match the credit card and was "possibly committing credit card fraud." After the officers ran my name through the police records....and found nothing, he asked the loss prevention person "What do you want us to do now?" The loss prevention person told them "nothing....we can complete the transaction now if she wants to". The officers then asked me if I wanted to finish the transaction. I told them absolutely not. I have never in my life EVER EVER been treated so badly. I was treated like I had stolen the necklace. I had a receipt, I had the merchandise in its original form with the tags stilled attached....what did I do wrong? I did not read anywhere on the receipt where the purchase has to be taken "back to the store you purchased it from". I did not read the dollar amount of the return that would cause for loss prevention to be called and you would be treated like a thief until you where proven not. I had to drive 60 miles across town to return the necklace...., without any problem. This was a total inconvience for me and wasted half a day because I was stereotyped. I stood there without any choice but to take the treatment I was receiving. I had my young daughter with me who was totally humiliated. Customers started to crowd around and stare. It was HORRIFIC. It will take me a while to get over this.......I have never ever experienced discrimination to this degree. I have never been accused of being a thief. The clerk, Keith said he was "doing his job." Your employees are trained to call loss prevention when a person of color has a large return? The manager Mark Francis could care less about diversity or customer service. Mr. Francis did not bother to talk to me or help; he made sure that he supported his loss prevention person. I read your "commitment to inclusion and diversity"......what is that REALLY all about? It looks good on paper with people of color sitting around. Sensitivity training is really needed in this department. With the economy in the condition that it is, I can't believe there is a company out there that can afford to treat customers the way your employees treated me and my daughter. I would like for my credit account to be closed. I would like to be removed from your mailing list. I will never ever set foot in a JCPenney again. I will report this to the BB and also to my local journalist. I will be your best advertisement. I have made this my project for 2009. I look forward to hear your perspective on this matter." EVERY DAY MATTERS" Terry Lakes EMAILING FOR THE GREATER GOOD Join me
Ramon and Katherine Guerrero says:
Dear Mr. Ullman, I have always been a satisfied customer well over 30 years, but in these last three years I have had problems with JCP Customer Service and merchandise (furniture). I bought a sectional back in 2006 from JCP in Downey, California. The sectionals were defected and were returned. I bought new sectionals in 2008 and I had a problem with them the first month I bought them, but I kept them. At that time I spoke with Ms. Ann Westras of Customer Service who has since passed away. I was charged an additional $369.60 due to a special order, I was told that if I did not cancel my order, after the delivery of my furniture I would be credited on my account. This never happened, I am still being charged. I had received a letter from Ms. Westras stating that my account would be credited. This letter was never honored, because no one gave Ms. Westras authorization to send me this letter. This was per Ms. Jackie Marsh, Supervisor of Customer Service. I am still disputing this charge on my account. If Ms. Westras letter would have been honored, I would not be pursuing this issued or any issue. I received a letter from Ms. Jackie Marsh who took Ms. Westras place who stated that I owe a current charge of this special order that I did NOT cancel. The account started at $369.60 and is now $461.61. I am at this moment being represented by California's Consumer Affairs I have asked them to let Ms. Marsh know that I am now requesting to return my CURRENT defected furniture. The material must have been very old when it was purchased, because the threads on the cushions are unraveling and the recliners are wobbly. As I mentioned above I had problems the first month I bought the sectionals with them being wobbly. I know I am still under warranty until 5/2009. I don't want them fixed anymore. Once the warranty expires and this happens again I will have to pay for it myself as Ms. Westras once told me. I want my money back. I don't have small children who would have damaged the furniture. I purchased a recliner from JCP many years ago on two separate occasions and the chairs lasted me a very long time as a matter of fact I have one in my home now and I am very pleased with it. But for some reason the sectionals are just no good and are not made right. Therefore, I am asking if you can help me with this situation. This afternoon, I received a call from Consumer Affairs advising me that per Ms. Marsh I will have to pay the $369.60+ and that I can not return my current defected furniture until a technician comes out to see the furniture and then it will be determined if I can return my defected furniture. Please understand I DO NOT WANT MY CURRENT DEFECTED FURNITURE I WANT SOMEONE TO PICK THE SECTIONAL UP. I have endured much harassment since I bought my first set of sectionals from the JCP Customer Service Department. It is not my fault that I was sold defected furniture. Ms. Marsh has made it clear that the letter Ms. Westras mailed me regarding the credit on my account will not be honored, because no one authorized that letter and Ms. Westras is no longer here. What are JCP policy and procedures? Is the Customer Service Managers right in their determinations when it's to their convenience and no matter what the issue is the customers are alway wrong? If Ms. Westras was a Supervisor of the Customer Service Department shouldn't her determination be honored? I have been disputing with JCP for two years already on regards to the furniture and now my account balance. My account had been sent to collections. I called customer service and they removed me from collections due to the dispute I have pending. My account was NOT pulled by Ms. Marsh. I feel that Ms. Marsh is determined to make me keep the defected furniture and pay the amount that is being charged on my account. Whether I dispute this issue or not. How many other customers has she harassed and intimidated? WHAT IS GOING ON!!!!! THIS IS SO STRESSFUL!!!!! I have all my documentation and would like to mail you copies of whom I spoke with and all the dates going back to 2006. Please respond to me via e-mail and via postal service. Please review my account my account #678-xxx-xxx-x. I thank you for your attention on this matter. We have always been a happy and satisfied customer of JCP. Please don't make us change our minds, because of a couple of Customer Service Employees who have let their position go to their heads. Sincerely, Mr. and Mrs. Ramon Guerrero Los Angeles, California
Ellen Steele says:
I really wonder if you listen as your customer service people do not. I am so disappointed in your merchandise that I am about to pay you my 750.00 balance and will no longer buy from your store. Your merchandise is no better then K-Mart or Walmart. I just spent 400.00 on a bedroom ensemble, painted my room to match and the merchandise is pure junk. I can't even get the wrinkle out of the draperies and took the comforter to the cleaner to press. I would have like to send them back but am stuck for a big bill on junk merchandise. You use to have such quality that I could order plus size and never try it on. The recent purchase were three of the same slacks one fit. Figure that out. I am so angry about this bedroom set I could screen. My goal is to let my many friend and family know about this and advise them to shop elsewhere. I did tell your customer service about the inferior quality slacks and her answer to me was, "take them back".As I stand here and try to iron these cotton curtains I could screen. I only wish I had checked them out before the expense of paint and all the accessories that go with it or you would have got them right back.....If you think I am the only one who noticed your quality you are dead wrong. I am a nurse and work with many, people who have noted the same thing. What a sin! My aunt worked for you for 30 years, she would be so so disappointed in what you have done. Is farming out work to other countries worth your reputation? Please let me know. I will be so shocked to get a personal reply and that is probably because you have heard this before and done nothing. I am so angry that I have to send you a check for a product that I may use until I find a set at Macy's.
Lenora King says:
Mr.Ullman- Hello;my name is Lenora King and in 1998(hard to believe) I deposited $100.00 on a pair of glasses in the vision center of the jcPenney store located in River Oaks mall in Calumet City,Illinois. Shortly after that my grandparents startind dying off one by one that fall. So I forgot that I had a deposit there. when I realized it and tried to retrieve my money back because I lost/misplaced the receipt they refused. they wouldn't even offer a credit in place of a refund which would have been o.k.. It has taken me years of going back and forth with your company's customer service department to come to some sort of resolution. I have the duplicate underneath the check as verification of the purchase. It is dated 8-1-98 to jc penney for $100.00 for glasses. check #10665 from suburban bank which is now citizens financial so they don't have microfilm from them or back then. I also couldn't keep a track of what was going on because someone tried to murder my daughter and her family in Michigan;so I was there for a long time and just wasn't present mentally for anything. But businesswise,I am appalled at your store and companies reps because I explained this over and over to them and no one seemed too care. All they cared about was keeping that money and not returning it. I was and am still appalled at their attitude. Back then I suppose they never heard of customer service. For the last several years I don't know what the rationale was. Someone named Sandy Farren says the company is not returning my money from so long ago. I don't know why. A $100.00 then is still $100.00 that they didnt earn they just kept it. If they would do that to me;I am certain they have done others the same way. They should be ashamed. I have avoided your store since then like swine flu. I did and do like your selections but my heart and mind refuse to spend my money where loyal customers were and probably still treated like so much offal. However any assistance that you can give me will be greatly appreciated and I promise that you will receive much of it back in sales. If not I will just continue to shop elsewhere and to now make more people aware of what was done to me and my family and how jcpenney took advantage of a horrible situation for $100.00 plus interest.
Ramon and Katherine Guerrero says:
June 2, 2009 Dear Mr. Ullman, I had written to you on April 1, 2009, regarding my JC Penneys account. Here we are two (2) months later and my account has not been resolved. I thought I'd give the Customer Service Supervisor Ms. Jackie Marsh enough time to resolve the refund of $1835.88. Apparently she can't fix the mess JC Penneys created. As she stated in the letter she sent me dated April 8, 2009. Per "your email to Mr. Ullman has been forwarded to me for review and reply. in the letter she also stated, "Your full credit of $1835.88 (which includes the $369.60 special order deposit) will be processed within 72 hours/3 business days after the pick up" of my furniture (picked up on April 11). Last month May 2009 my credit amount on my statement was only $1224.28 and now this month of June 2009 my credit amount is only $1466.28, which is still missing the special order deposit of $369.60. As I mentioned previously in my last letter Ms. Marsh is determined to make us pay this special order deposit. Now , if there is a problem with the computer system out of courtesy she should let us know that these transactions will take time to straighten out perhaps giving us a time frame. So, we won't be waiting and assuming that she is doing this purposely. What does Ms. Marsh have against us?????? I have been without furniture for two months already and I need my account to be cleared and the credit amount sent to me so that I can purchase living furniture. I do not want to be credited on my JC Penneys account it has been well over 60 days that my account should have been credited. So, we should be sent a refund check as stated on the JC Penneys statement. Please Mr. Ullman, something has to be done with the Customer Service Department. I have been patient and I should be charging JC Penneys a finance charge, as they were charging me at one time. I should be given a compensation check from Ms. Marsh personally. (Which I know will not happen) Ms. Marsh should be notifying me both in writing and a courtesy call advising me of what is going on with my account and refund. A VERY PATIENT AND UPSET CUSTOMER Mr. & Mrs. Ramon/Katherine Guerrero Account #XXXXXXXXX
Ramon/Katherine Guerrero says:
Dear Mr. Ullman, I finally got our account straighten out and I thank you for the help. Per Customer Service Ms. Marsh my refund check will be sent and I should receive it within 60 days. If Ms. Marsh fails to send it within the 60 days. You will be hearing from me again. Thank You once again. The Guerrero's
Jackie Fornatale says:
Dear Mr. Ullman, In November of 2008, I purchased a 5 piece set of Protocol luggage on the JC Penny website. This was to be a Christmas gift to me from my elderly parents, who do not own a computer, so I placed the order myself. I had not used the large 29” case until recently. On May 22nd, while taking the case out of the trunk of a rental car on vacation, the handle ripped off the case. The case only weighed 42lbs (weighed at the airport) and this never should have happened, particularly the first time used! After corresponding with JC Penny’s Customer Service Department, I was informed I had to contact the manufacturer directly, Olivet International, as the 90 day store warranty had expired, and I could NOT take it back to a JC Penny store. I did as instructed, and was informed that I had to ship the case back at my own expense, which would have cost $89.00. The entire 5 piece set only cost $79.99, and with tax and shipping it still cost less than what it would to send the case back to the manufacturer. I was also informed that the manufacturer could not guarantee that they would send me the same type of case or even the same color as the rest of the set! I realize as the CEO of a large corporation, you have other more pressing matters to attend to, however, I think your policy needs to be revamped for cases like this – customers should be able to return defective merchandise to the store, or for either JCP or the manufacturer to pay for shipping of the defective merchandise. It is LESS expensive and more beneficial to me to purchase another set of luggage, which I really don’t want to do – don’t really need a 9-piece luggage set. Thank you in advance for whatever assistance you might be able to provide. I have attached photos of the damaged case for your reference. Sincerely, Jacqueline Fornatale
Charlotte Coulston says:
Dear Mike, I rushed to see my ophthalmologist in Madison Wisconsin before moving to Michigan in April. At the suggestion of one of the doctor's technicians I tried JC Penney optical shop in East Madison. She said I'd save about $100 - 200 over the price of the outlet inside the doctor's office. The prices at Penney's looked great, so I ordered varilux glasses for about $200 and varilux sunglasses for $100. The fact that the clerk was carrying on an ongoing personal call on her cell phone most of the 30 minutes I was in the store bothered me, but then I started chatting with the two other women customers, and we helped each other pick out frames. After I got my glasses the sunglasses were fine although a little heavier than I'm used to. The varilux prescription (clear glass) glasses are not. I thought I had an eye infection so I went to a Jackson Michigan opthalmologist (were I moved to). He said, no infection and wrote a script for eye drops. I tried wearing the glasses again and they bothered me and seemed to rest improperly on my face. I notice a big red sore on the side of my nose so I took them off again. Then I checked the Jackson MI JC Penney store: they have no optical shop and said I'd near to go to a mall in Ann Arbor Michigan or Lansing. A one-time trip might not be bad, but what if the glasses still aren't right and I need to return. One of the things the JC Penney at Madison didn't ask was whether I wanted those silicone type pads that cling. I didn't, I'm used to the hard plastic pads that slip when my nose gets sweaty. Can you write me a letter I can print to take to JC Penney in Ann Arbor or Lansing so I will be certain to be treated well? Thank you, Charlotte Coulston 6/20/09
Vicki Swaim says:
Dear Mr.Ullman, I hope you can help me with my problem. I ordered a TV stand the end of April that was advertised as a close out item. I was told that it was on backorder under July 3. At my disappointment I did go ahead and order this item, I decided to check week before last to see if maybe it might come early. I was told that now it would not be shipped until July 7. I cannot understand how a close out item could be on back order. To me back oder implies that no more will be made and they are selling the items they have. I have called several times and cannot get a explanation that I find creditble. I would like my order as promised by the 3rd. I am very discouraged from ordering ever again from your catalog department. Please could you intervene and get my order to me soon? I might consider staying a customer. But at this point I am pretty much done with ordereding from the catalog again. The order was under my name. Thank You, Vicki Swaim
Nancy Kast says:
J.C. Penney --I am writing about your billing and online services. I have been receiving calls saying my bill is not paid. My husband pays all our bills online and has tried to pay the bill online. The website will not allow us to sign on to do this. We do not receive paper bills regularly. We have not received any email notices about the bill although I do receive email advertisements. We tried to get customer service over the phone to help us but were unable to. I tried emailing to the customer service to explain the problem but your email link is not working on your website. Sir, I can understand your desire to save money and outsource your work to India but it is not working. Your website has problems, the people on the phone are hard to understand and not very helpful. Please look into these problems, resolve them, and get your customer support and web design from home soil.
Michael Lipari says:
Dear Mr. Ullman, As a former Police Officer I would like to share this with you and all of the customers that email JC PENNEY. Many people think that being a police officer is nothing more than riding around in a car and caring a badge and a gun. I offten would hear people say officers dont do anything they just sit all day and make peoples lives harder than they are. I challanged some of those people to come by and sign up for a 8 hour shift or as we called it a ride along to see what a police officer really does. It changed there minds and the way they looked at law enforcment forever. I would like to say to all that people will wait in a customer service line for over a hour to make a complaint about soemthing but when a associate goes above and beyond to help a customer the customer will not even give 2 minutes to let someone know, becasue thats just the way it should be. I started at JC PENNEY over 20 years a go as a LPO I joined the US ARMY served 3 tours in IRAQ and retired from the US ARMY. Now I am back where I started as a LPO for JC PENNEY. This is the best company and they truely live by the "Golden Rule" that has been this companies back bone for over a hundred years. "Give them the Pickle" LPO Michael Lipari
Randee says:
Trying to get a charge off my card for a item never recieved and Your company determine I have or did recieve it. I thought the customer was always right. Being no signature is required there is no proof that I actually accepted the merchandise (not know who or where it went) and I have no intentions of paying for something I never recieved. No one has been polite to assist was told charges to be taken off only to get a letter from your company stating otherwise. Will go to BBB & anyone I may need to to take care of this. I am hoping it does not lead to this and asking for your assistance. Also to upgrade your customer service and how they should handle thier customers. Without customer you won't have jobs or a buisness. thank you. R Bernal
Shirley Bryngelson says:
To whom it may concern, I ordered a couple pair of shoes and I got a call yesterday they were in. I called to see where I pick them up. It was lower level at Hawthorn Shopping Center. I just had back surgery and I am not good at stairs or walking much right now. I asked if there was anyone that could run them upstairs for me. There was someone, she was so very nice, she told me what door to drive up to and go in and tell them I am there and they would bring them up. They did just what she said, it was so very nice. Today I get a note of thanks from her for shopping at Penney's. I was so surprised I never had a follow up like that. Her name is Patty Garcia she deserves a star from Penney's. What a great employee you have in her. Thanks to everyone that helped in this.
Do not like that when ordering online we were signed up to a rewards program. Then charged $9.95 for a program that was not used or wanted. I see that Stone Bridge Corp. will charge your credit card under FUN FAMILY REWARDS. Why are we charged, do not get any information, and use the JC Penny's web page when you order on line. Not a good policy for Penny's.
John Levandowski says:
Mr. Ullman: Just when I think that JC Penney has gone to the lowest depths of treatment to their employees, you seeem to come up with another idea to rid yourself of your loyal full-time employees. My fiance has worked at the JC penney store for over 20 years as a full-time clerk. She is very loyal, has a great customer service record, is punctual and works very hard at her job. During the past year her hours were cut so that she was unable to work the needed 35 hours per week to keep her full-time status. At the same time, the part time clerkes were working 40 hours or more per week while my fiance was lucky to receive 25 hours. At the end of the year, she was .3 hours per week short of the 35 hours needed. No warning of any kind and just like that, she receives a letter from Power Line that she has lost her fulltime status and her benefits. How is it possible that you care so little about loyal employees with decades of service that you take away their benefits? She will be unable to get adequate health insurance anywhere with a pre-existing medical condition that she has. No more money paid her pension plan. What a lousy way to run a huge organization such as yours. My fiance is not the only one at the store that has this very same problem. There are several more. Just a couple of years ago, at a stockholder meeting, you told the audience that JC Penney is a family-oriented employer who treats their employees right. What a terrible outright lie that is. You have your store managers cut hours to your fulltime employees so that they loose their benefits and you save a few precious dollars. All at the expense of loyal employees. It is no wonder that this store has such a high turnover rate with it's employees. You hire store managers to eliminate your long-term employees so that you can pay part-time people less money with no regard paid to the peolpe that have been employed by you for decades. I thought that you were worried about customer service. How are your employees going to treat the customers when this is how the unhappy employees are treated by you. It's nice to know that you sit in your elaborate offices in Plano while your employees struggle just to obtain health insurance. And what about the salary cap that this store has had in-place for the past 8 years. NO RAISES at all--not even cost-of-living. It's nice to see that you make the stockholders happy. They have all of the money and evidently all of the power. John Levandowski