Oct 22007

Mens Et Manus: How To Fold The MIT Logo In Origami In Three Easy Steps

Totally off topic post...

Amazing paper folding video from Brian Chan of MIT, showing how to fold the MIT school seal in "three easy steps". Errr... Brian's three easy steps take 10 hours, but no worries!

The seal and the motto, Mens Et Manus, means "mind and hand", describing how engineering is both theoretical and a hands-on discipline. I found this motto really captured the essence of the place during my years at the Institute.

Here's the video. That's a single piece of paper, no cuts.

My favorite quote:

There are several reasons why you might like to use origami to make your sculpture. Number one: You might not have scissors.

Kudos, Brian!


3 Responses to "Mens Et Manus: How To Fold The MIT Logo In Origami In Three Easy Steps"
Alice Watts says:
I would like to forward this remarkable message.
Jose Tapia says:
Breath taking! I love arts and creativity, as well as engineering and science (I am an origami beginner and an elementary science teacher). If you have other videos like this I would be delighted to enjoy them! Cheers!
Origami says:
wow, this is really cool. I really enjoy origami like this. Origami sure is amazing!

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