Mar 212007

Lo-Fi Prototyping in the March "Effective Website" Column

Just a quick post to note that the March edition of my "Effective Website" column is online at the Multichannel Merchant site.

This month the column focuses on lo-fi prototyping. It offers a few mini-case studies on how this technique has helped some of our design / usability clients revamp their sites. The piece also walks through some of the benefits lo-fi prototyping provides, like rapid iteration, getting marketers involved in the design process, low-cost debugging and removing constraints on what's considered "possible" on your site. We wrap with a quick exercise that can get your team to try lo-fi prototyping now.

Find out why and when PhotoShop and Dreamweaver are downright dangerous to your project and how graph paper can be your friend. Here's a link to the article.


2 Responses to "Lo-Fi Prototyping in the March "Effective Website" Column"
Larry, congrats on this article. I think this is one of the best and most thought-provoking web design-related articles I've read in a long time. One caution about lo-fi prototyping, though. As you well know, site customers and internal clients respond to color, so preparing a loosely-polished comp (perhaps using colored pencils?) before coding is started is diligent to avoid re-coding. I envision marketing flipping out when they see a big, red, bold "add to cart" button on the final page where they saw a big, black-and-white "add to cart" button on the prototype. A loose color comp also allows design and usability staff a final review of the potential effectiveness of elements on the screen. Well done Larry!
Well I would not say that the testing and debgging in this cas is so low-cost but anyway this article desrves attention and the methods are worth a try.

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