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Link Building Fundamentals: A Primer

The following post was inspired by a presentation I did at Searchfest earlier this month. Since this blog is new, I'll be posting articles on fundamental marketing concepts that we can use as reference points on the site. This is the first in a series of posts along the theme of Internet Marketing Fundamentals...

The Fundamentals of Building Links

There is a golden rule to link building: links reflect value on the web. Remember that rule, because we'll come to it later.

Right now, let's expand that rule with two important definitions:

1. Linking is a communication and citation signal inherent to the web. Links reflect contribution, value, relevance and influence. If you want a scalable solution for building high-quality links, then provide solid value and contributions to your market, industry and community. If you do, the links will come - with hard work.

2. There are many different ways to build links. There's no "right way" and no "best practices," there's only creativity, intelligence, and labor.

Links are now a major commodity. It wasn't always this way. In the pre-Google era, links were about sharing resources and getting traffic.

Link building (and internet marketing) is more about people than it is search engines; but stay (acutely) aware of the ranking benefits links can provide.

Today, links are about traffic, sure, and they're about sharing - but they're also about search engines (especially Google).

Links have two primary audiences: visitors and search engines. You want the traffic and credibility association good links can provide for your visitors, and you want the rankings boost good links can provide for the search engines. Learn to distinguish between these seemingly disparate audiences, but don't forget this guideline: develop your linking (and marketing) strategy with people in mind, not search engines. Just don't be blind to the search optimization factors involved.

Link Building Today

There are nearly an infinite number of potential link opportunities on the web today. Link sources are literally everywhere you turn. That's great if you know where to start, but what if you don't? Then you need to distinguish between low-quality links and high-quality links, or between links that have little value and links that have the potential to be valuable.

The image to the right is the entire Star Wars movie in 1 second screen captures. Each screen grab is analagous to a website. The result (for our purposes) is the image of a nearly infinite amount of sites, and thus potential link sources. An endless opportunity for links

There are endless potential sources of links on the web.

To be faced with so many link opportunities can be daunting, and it begs the questions: where does one start? What links matter, and what links don't? How does one find a "good" link in an endless sea of potential link sources?

These are all fundamental questions that I'll do my best to answer.

Components of a Quality Link

There are seven primary components that define a valuable link:

  • Relevance: valuable links are relevant to your market, industry or community. Valuable link sources are within your neighborhood on the web and provide you with accurate co-citation.
  • Context: valuable links are contextual and come from sources with keyword-focused pages. How do you know if a page is keyword-focused? Well, does it rank? In most competitive markets, pages that rank well - and hold their rankings - are semantically well-optimized and have plenty of descriptive text on the page. You want your link surrounded by that keyword-themed content.
  • Difficulty: in general, valuable links are difficult to obtain. There is an associated cost: whether it's in the investment of the link itself (note that I'm not talking about paid links), in the content that secures the link, in the site development and design, or in the time requirement getting in front of the webmaster. Valuable links are not inexpensive to secure, and they're not easy to secure. The most valuable links come from sources where your competitors are unlikely to get the same link.
  • Humanity: valuable links require a human element to obtain. We all like direct link sources, but quite often the most high-value backlinks come from sources that have a human being in control of the website. You are picking up the phone and calling a webmaster, or emailing a contact person, or networking with someone in charge of an influential site or blog at a conference. There is almost always a human being in charge of creating links on the pages you want to target.
  • Credibility: a quality link comes from a credible source. Credible link sources elevate the perceived credibility of the site they're linking to because they're already trusted sources.
  • Authority: working alongside the credibility quotient is authority. High quality links come from authoritative sources, either in your niche or in the wide environment of the web.
  • Investment: valuable links require an investment of some sort. This factor goes hand-in-hand with the Difficulty factor. There's an associated cost involved, whether in the development of a targeted piece of content or survey, in the purchase of the link, in the design and launch of the site, or simply in the time required to influence the influencers.

The Importance of Link Neighborhoods

As was stated earlier, there are many different ways to approach link building. By far the most popular and widespread is the tactic of getting links in sheer quantity. The idea is to bludgeon the search engines with so many backlinks that you simply overpower competing sites. After all, a site with 30,000 links is usually going to out-rank a site with 3,000, right?

Your neighborhood matters. Securing backlinks from topically-relevant hubs is a signal of quality and can sometimes be more effective than getting links en masse.

Well, not always. There is another way, and it's called relevance.

Remember the importance of finding link sources that are within your ideal link neighborhood? I mentioned that above as the first criteria in our 7 components of defining quality links.

Building links en masse is fine if you can do it, but it's usually a ham-fisted approach. The more subtle method (that's also much harder to accomplish) is to target high-value link sources within your market. Monitor what neighborhood Google thinks your site belongs in, and monitor what neighborhood your ideal link sources fall in. Pay attention to co-citation factors to ensure your list of potential backlink sources are citing high-quality resources within your target market. If they're not (and this is another area where paid links hurt you), your rankings will suffer (or at least be sub-optimal).

I've seen many sites outrank competitors with less incoming links. They do it (usually unintentionally) by garnering higher quality, more on-topic links from relevant neighborhoods of sites. And there's another advantage as well, in that topically-relevant links will garner targeted traffic that's more likely to convert.

Where To Begin

Start building links by focusing on your market. Remember the importance of your link neighborhood, and build links strategically with that in mind. Nearly every imaginable topic is being discussed on the web; there are centers of influence, there are bloggers, there are directories and mailing lists and forums and social sites. Find where people are talking about your market, and enter the discussion through channels such as:

  • Hubs: use Aaron Wall's fantastic Hub Finder tool to locate topically-relevant pages through co-citation. It's free and it rocks.
  • Forums: perform searches like this one at Google to find forums in your niche.
  • Authority Sites: perform searches like this one to find authority link sources. Use different words for targets along with your key phrase, and substitute the site: portion with other TLDs:

    "keywords" [library] [resources] [sites] [links] site:[.mil] [.us] [.gov] [.edu]

  • Social Media: in addition to performing search variations of the above examples, you can use well-researched lists like this one on 48 social news sites and this one with 40 niche social media sites. You should also consider joining where a premium membership gives you access to an excellent directory of over 100 social media sites by topic.
  • Influencers: where do the influential bloggers hang out? Find out using tools like Technorati, Techmeme and Google Blog Search. Delicious can also be useful, as can Digg and a number of other tools.
  • Email Lists: email discussion lists represent a wealth of largely untapped link building potential. They're not utilized as much as they could be for internet marketing, partly because they take a lot of time committment and specific knowledge to post to (and thereby benefit from correctly). They also normally don't pass any anchor text in the link - which is great if you've got a domain with some semantic value - but otherwise not ideal. Similar to forums and communities, if you can't offer something of real value you won't last on an email list. There are lots of good potential sources, just take care to approach these with the community in mind first and your link drop second. Sources like this one, and this one, and this one should sufficiently whet your appetite.
  • Blogs: even with rampant nofollow in effect, there are plenty of benefits from posting comments on blogs. Ignore for a moment the question if anchor text is passed from a nofollowed link. By posting on high-traffic and influential blogs, you are getting in front of many people and contributing to the discussion. If you provide something of value, visitors (and the blog owner) will most definitely visit your site to check you out. Do it repeatedly and you'll begin to create a reputation for yourself which could lead to business opportunities. And of course there are lots of dofollow blogs online, just do a simple search to find them.
  • Directories: directories should be considered as a staple for any business online - but not just any directory. Google has increased their disdain of most directories, since most directories are designed only to make the owner the most money rather than create the most relevant lists of links. Good directories to use include Yahoo!,, Best of the Web, DMOZ, and Starting Point. There are myriad niche directories as well, do creative searching to find them and also use lists such as the one found on SEOmoz (you'll have to be a premier member there to see it).
  • Organizations: every small business should belong to the Better Business Bureau. You get a link, and it's valuable. Third-party organizations exist in nearly every industry and market, use these to advantage.
  • News Sites: news is one of the pillars of online content, and has several advantages for publishers, including wide adoption of syndication. Online press releases are a good idea, use them. Just use them right (and that's another post). In the meantime, no one knows it better than Lee Odden.
  • Human-Powered Search: human-powered search engines are sites like Mahalo, Bessed, and ChaCha where human beings (real human beings!) are assimilating tightly focused, topical pages. If the human-powered search site is valuable and the link category is competitive, it's going to take high-quality or even exceptional content to get listed.

Build Links Strategically

When you starting building links, do it in a systematic way. The following pyramid shows one method of thinking about link building as steps from easiest and lowest cost, to most difficult and highest cost.

Link Building Triangle

  • The triangle is segmented into 6 steps. At the base and 1st step are link sources such as quality directories, classified advertising, and third-party organizations. These require some sort of investment, but it's normally not substantial.
  • Working up the triangle, the links get more valuable (only as a general rule) and more expensive. The 2nd step contains link sources such as email lists, forums, blog comments, and social media profile pages.
  • The 3rd step is reserved for places like article sites, niche directories, human-powered search engines and guest blog postings.
  • The 4th step contains techniques like basic social media marketing (creating Myspace pages, Facebook groups and profiles, etc) and online public relations.
  • When we reach the 5th step, we're getting into advanced link acquisition territory: reaching key influencers (Rand Fishkin's linkerati) through social media.
  • The pinnacle and 6th step of the triangle is reserved for the Hilltop: authority sites at the center of Google's Trustrank (which is starting to appear out-dated and vulnerable, but is still essential to their algorithm). For 90% of sites in a market, these are unobtainable links and come from sources like the US Military, government offices, libraries, universities, non-profits, high-traffic Wikipedia pages, old-school individual sites and so on. These sites normally require very topical, high-quality, and mostly non-commercial content (not to mention a concerted effort) to acquire links from. But they're imminently worth all the trouble.

By approaching the art of building backlinks as a series of distinct channels, and by identifying the best links among a sea of potential opportunities, you can strategically find the most high-value links, spend your resources with those targets in mind, and build them systematically. As the pyramid indicates, the bulk of links come from sources that are of relatively less value but are easier to obtain. These build the foundation of a site's link profile. The most valuable backlinks come from fewer sources that are more restrictive in their linking policies, and form the peak of a link profile.


Now forget everything you just read and remember the golden rule of linking:

Links Reflect Value

With that rule in mind, what's the most efficient method of building powerful backlinks?

The answer is simple, but the way is hard: you must build exceptional resources and provide information that's unique and valuable. Only then will you succeed long-term in link building, and therefore, internet marketing.


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Excellent article Adam. Right on the money as usual! See you on LED Steve
Adam Audette says:
Thanks Steve, glad you liked it!
Hi Adam, Well done! I'm glad to see that you've made "provide solid value..." your first tip. That rule is SO important. I've built a bunch of websites that have attracted thousands of unrequested links simply because other people have decided that my sites are useful. By the way, my copy of LED Digest stopped arriving months ago, although I'm still subscribed. I had to subscribe again using a different email address. The Gmail address worked OK. I wonder if I'm the only one affected by whatever the problem is?
Hi Adam, Just letting you know I received the following error message when I submitted my comment... Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /usr/www/users/audette/audettemedia/cms/wp-content/plugins/SK2/sk2_second_chance.php:2) in /usr/www/users/audette/audettemedia/cms/wp-content/plugins/Bad-Behavior/bad-behavior/ on line 8 Good luck!
Adam Audette says:
Allan - great to have you here! And thanks very much for the comment. Really important points you make - so true. It's hard though, and I think most people are lazy when it comes to this stuff. They think, "what can I do now, in the next month" rather than thinking long term. I've heard the same complaint about the LED not arriving from lots of people. Email delivery rates have gotten dismal. That's going to be the subject of a future post. Thanks for subscribing with Gmail, they seem to like us ... so far :) I'll have our programmer fix up the error issue, sorry about that.
Eric Ward says:
Adam - Thank you for this. It reminds me of the old days when people weren't afraid to share. The librarians I've built a rapport with all these years have become the real linkerati, if you know what I mean. The biggest challenge for link builders who follow this time tested approach is to face the reality that sometimes the client's content might just not be linkworthy period, and it's better to tell the client the truth rather than pollute a libraians inbox. :) Eric
Hi Adam, fantastic article. Made for a very interesting read against the usual top 101 link building lists and articles, nothing wrong with them but I think it's always good to get to grips with the fundamentals from time to time.
Adam Audette says:
Eric and Aaron, I really appreciate your feedback. Glad this post is resonating. Eric - you are dead on about the inbox pollution comment! So true. Sometimes it's hard to get clients to understand that their resource or site just isn't good enough to push out there. Every now and then we get a client with a fantastic resource and it just makes the link building so much easier.
Adam Jusko says:
Nice article, Adam. Thanks for mentioning Bessed. We welcome all non-spammers to add their URLs. It takes us a bit of time to get them up, but if your site adds value, Bessed will list you.
The Fundamentals of Link Building... Linking is a communication and citation signal inherent to the web. Links reflect contribution, value, relevance and influence....
Arnie says:
Very good post Adam. Link builders should just save it and use it as their guideline for link building. A lot of it is just pure commitment. Only thing I disagree with is that there IS a Link Building Best Practices :-) *[spammy anchor text removed]
Adam Audette says:
Thanks for the props Arnie, and I'm glad you liked it. Sorry but I had to pull out your keyword filled link. It seems a little spammy.
Arnie says:
Adam - NOT a spammer. It's the title of the blog that really is all about link building best practices.
Adam Audette says:
I didn't call you a spammer, Arnie, and I don't think you're one. I'm glad you're here. Just thought putting a link to your own site w/ "link building best practices" as the anchor was spammy so I removed the link. Thanks and I hope you keep reading and posting comments. I'll have a comment policy up soon to address this and other issues like it.
Arnie says:
No problem - I was a little offended at first, as I was not here for the purpose of getting a link, but I understand your perspective. Regardless, this is an excellent article and that is the real point to be made. We should let some others comment now :-) Besides the NCAA tourney is on...
Charles says:
a great post, for each seoer, link building is hard work in the process.
Thanks Adam, Excellent article.
There was nothing new for me but I have to say: wow! You covered everything that matters. Only your pyramid gives me a headache because you compare things that cannot be compared. On the one hand "blog" and "high authority site" are two things that can be the same and on the other hand the website of a person/company who/that is an offline authority might have a crappy and useless website.
Greetings Adam! Nicely put and widely covered.
Hit Search says:
Excellent selection of tools and commentary. Well done Adam.
Steven says:
Hi Adam, that's a good post right there. Like others say, most of it as already known but you explain it very well. I'll bookmark it. Good job!
Nita K says:
Great article every webmaster should read.
Very extensive and useful article. My compliments. You definetely have to read this article before starting with linkbuilding!
Software Reviews says:
Links in the bottom part of the pyramid sometimes hurt your PageRank. BTW, your comment part is pretty.
In the pre-Google era, links were about sharing resources and getting traffic. I had no idea. I've spent all my time in the Google Era.
Nick says:
Interesting stuff....I have been reading a lot about this subject as I am just starting a web based business, your info and writing style are clear, concise and easy to get to grips with....cheers!
For those that are interested in some basic link building tips, Ive compiled a list of my best tricks here:
Thanks very much for this - it's a great introductory article for those looking at linking building. It shows that there's no black magic involved in getting a successful website - just logic and hard work.
AJ Nisen says:
Adam, a great article for anyone trying to have a presence on the Web. Thanks. AJ
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Adam, I have been doing as much as possible creating links with out knowing exactly what i was doing. This helps tremendously to explain linking. thanks. Alan
Kevin says:
Thanks for the great article/blog. I luckily found your blog's link contained in an email from Seobook and then reading KennethDryers article was a "spot on" natural extension of this article. I find that writing meaningful content is one of the hardest and most time consuming aspects to link/traffic building but the most rewarding when you see it published. I've been doing internet marketing for 2 years now and just started my own consultancy (under construction) and this is my philosophy for link building and generating traffic. "The words used by Solomon, "Under the sun," are for night and day both. The real sun is the intelligence. In the light of that sun all mirrors, which are human hearts, reflect all that is exposed to them without any effort on the part of man. This is the reason why the desire of a person, if it is a real wish, becomes fulfilled sooner or later: it is reflected, and through that reflection it becomes living. The reflection gives it a life because it is not in a dead mirror; it is in a living mirror, which is a human heart. It is nothing to be surprised at if you have just thought of a friend and the friend happens to come to meet you while you are going to do something else. It is unexpected outwardly, but inwardly your reflection rising in the mind of your friend has arranged your meeting. -Hazrat Inayat Khan, Spiritual Dimensions Of Psychology There is a cool sort of correlation here to link building, content creation and motivation. You may work for a year or two without much reward, or money :) but if you create something of meaning and value it will eventually come full circle.
Dave says:
Good article, as much as I could read in one sitting. I feel compelled to comment that the graphic design of this page/website makes the text extremely taxing to read. Honestly... diagonal stripes running through the body copy on a dark tan background? Just look in the comment section and see how much easier it is to read the comments in the unstriped boxes with a lighter background. Seriously, the design of this page undermines credibility as a "veteran internet marketer." Trying to be nice on a Monday morning with insufficient caffeination, so I hope you can appreciate the constructive criticism.
Adam Audette says:
@Kevin - thanks for the quote - interesting stuff! @Dave - what browser are you using? Are you saying that the tan/striped background is showing in the body text? The text should be black on a white background and very easy to read. The tan stripes are supposed to be behind the main body content. Let me know, thanks.
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Came across this post by reading Aaron Walls blog. Glad I did because (as is normal with Aaron's recommendations) it's chock full of useful information. I would have like to see more information about using Public Relations as a link building method. Ant
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Thanks for the primer on building links - I have been working on this for our site but in a haphazard fashion - now I have a road map!!
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@Scott thanks very much, great to have you here and subscribed to the feed. I'll take your advice on the RSS call-to-action - definitely agree it's not prominent enough. Appreciate the kind words very much :)
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kim says:
Hi Adam, this was a really good article.... I'm new to SEO, but try and learn everything I can, it's sort of in my personality ;) I am having the most difficult time finding an answer, and maybe you could help. If the links are relevant, and in article directories, or related blogs although likely low pr pages, can a new website build links too quickly? In the past 3 weeks, I may have build 500 of such links, and for fear of going too quickly, I've scaled down today. For the past three days, I've been building 1oo links a day, with 50 article pick ups a day and two links each. Mostly unique content... My site is two months old... Some have said I'm going too fast for a new site, so I slowed it down. Others say I have nothing to worry about and I can continue to trickle content out at this rate or faster. What do you think? I'd love to hear someone at least generally talk about what too fast or too many means in terms of actual links, from relevant sources, with of course varied anchor text. Much appreciated :) Kim
ShandE says:
Hi Adam, Given you did such an excellent job on this blog entry, you really have a good head start on a e-book about link building. You could expand on the fundamentals by giving some consideration to inbound versus outbound links, the speed at which links are acquired (per Kim's post above), how links should be posted on a website (categorized, uncategorized, number on a page, etcetera), do's, don'ts and tools which could be used to assist in link building. I'd subscribe! And guess what, then you'd have a tangible product to market :)
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[...] is a helpful post about the importance of relevant [...]
[...] The Fundamentals of Link Building, AudetteMedia [...]
[...] Link Building Fundamentals: A Primer [...]
[...] satisfied. So pay a visit to these blogs and learn more. And you should not go without reading this post because you will learn the fundamentals of link [...]
[...] Every now and then I read an article that is so good that I feel compelled to share it with the read... [...]
[...] Audette has been posting some great stuff lately. Check out his posts on link building fundamentals and internet marketing and the limitations of [...]
[...] Link Building Fundamentals: A Primer - Audette Media Blog [...]
[...] The fundamentals of Link Building ( [...]
[...] Link Building Fundamentals - A Primer-There are many different ways to build links. There’s no “right way” and no “best practices,” there’s only creativity, intelligence, and labor. [...]
[...] post on link building by Adam Auddette. [...]
[...] of my favourite linkbuilding articles, The definitive link building strategy Link Building Fundamentals: A Primer What is the meaning of life, and link building? 131 (Legitimate) Link Building Strategies Quality [...]
[...] The Fundamentals of Link Building, AudetteMedia [...]
[...] Link Building Fundamentals: A Primer by Audette Media [...]
[...] The Fundamentals of Link Building: Adam Audette also gives you some in-depth but beginner information into the art of link building. [...]
[...] The Fundamentals of Link Building Adam Audette, AudetteMedia | 3/23/08 [...]
[...] Link Building Fundamentals: A Primer [...]
[...] The Fundamentals of Link Building Adam Audette, AudetteMedia | 3/23/08 [...]
[...] articles, such as Rae Hoffman’s link building expert interviews and Adam Audette’s link building fundamentals (which both were in my top 3 of last year). You can vote for your favorite link building post of [...]
[...] de l’article : ici [en] Titre : “Link Building Fundamentals”, publié dans AM audette media Résumé : Un [...]
[...] The Fundamentals of Link Building Adam Audette, AudetteMedia | 3/23/08 [...]
[...] To my big surprise, my post with 69 link building techniques managed to beat Adam Audette’s link building fundamentals and Jeff Quipp’s list of 75+ link building techniques in the finals and won the [...]
[...] (2) Plusieurs éléments de cet article sont inspirés par l’excellent billet [en] d’AudetteMedia : [...]
[...] The fundamentals of link building [...]
[...] The Funda&#109entals of Link Buildin&#103: A&#100am A&#117&#100ette a&#108&#115o give&#115 yo&#117 &#115ome in-&#100epth b&#117t beginner information into the art of &#108ink b&#117i&#108&#100ing. [...]
[...] The Fundamentals of Link Building (43) [...]
[...] Alexander 101 Link Building Tips to Market Your Website 69 Link building strategies for 2009 Link Building Fundamentals: A Primer by Adam Audette Link Building Training by Aaron Wall Link Bait Articles Link Building Articles list by Wiep [...]
[...] Adam Audette added an interesting post today on The Fundamentals of Link Building | AudetteMediaHere’s a small readingAdam, that was one of the most concise, well written articles on link building I have ever read and a list of tools to boot! I never heard of you before I came across this article, but you can be sure I’ll be spending more time visiting … [...]
[...] The Fundamentals of Link Building | AudetteMedia [...]
[...] The Fundamentals of Link Building | AudetteMedia [...]
[...] The Fundamentals of Link Building: Adam Audette also gives you some in-depth but beginner information into the art of link building. [...]