Feb 292012

Leap Day Bug

Our team encountered a funny bug, today. We had trouble loading new Bing Keywords through the AdCenter API.

Turns out that Bing requires an end date for ads, and our system sets a default end date = to "10 years from today"...

2/29/2022 unfortunately isn't a valid date!

Note to other engineers out there: 12 years from today turns out to be a better choice.

Just goes to show, it's hard to anticipate everything!

Happy coding!


2 Responses to "Leap Day Bug"
Veka says:
Here's hoping that your system somehow manages to get over the 29th of February 2088 with that 12 years from today rule. After all, it's possible that the same system will still be in use, a mere 76 years from now is just around the corner.
Thanks Veka, We're anticipating other upgrades by then :-) I'm also anticipating that that will be someone else's problem!

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