Aug 122007

Curious Web Brand: "Kijiji"

kijijiEbay is taking on Craigslist in the online classified space in the US, bringing their European classifieds site stateside last month.

Ebay enters the arena with a large (unfair) advantage. They have an insider's view of Craiglist's operations and financials from their board seat and 25% ownership stake.

Neat site. What is hard to understand is the choice of brand: Kijiji. It means "village" in Swahili, but IMHO the domain is hard to say, see, and type.

Wonder why Ebay didn't rebrand for the US launch?


One Response to "Curious Web Brand: "Kijiji""
Charlie says:
It will be interesting to see it Kijiji can be successful. There is another startup that launched their site last week that is even better than any classified out there so far. It's called Yourlist. It's a combination of a robust online job board with free local classifieds for 945 cities in the U.S. - a lot more than Kijiji or Craigslist. They are giving away a free Apple iPhone every month for the next year. Check it out at:

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