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Karl Fisch: "Shift Happens"

Karl Fisch, a high school administrator at Arapahoe High School in Littleton, Colorado, pulled together a powerpoint with "some interesting ideas" for teachers at his school. (Later, Scott Mcleod, a professor at Univ. of Minnesota, generalized the presentation.)

Here's the video:

Citations for stats in video (Word)

Overhyped? Perhaps. (I'm not so confident the $1k Dell in 2049 will be quite that powerful...)

Well worth watching, and considering what these observations mean for our society, and our schools.

Related books (highly recommended)

* Thomas Friedman, The World Is Flat
* Ray Kurzweil, The Singularity Is Near: When Humans Transcend Biology


32 Responses to "Karl Fisch: "Shift Happens""
Brian M. says:
Absolutly amazing. I am astounded at the statistics in this video. Is there any way to get a copy on CD? You need to sell this!
Joseph Duffey says:
I would like to get a copy or at least a print out of this presentation - is that possible? thank you, Joe Duffey
Karl has the powerpoint on his blog -- you can find that file and contact him at http://thefischbowl.blogspot.com/2006/08/did-you-know.html Cheers! Alan
Mitchel Bean says:
I saw the presentation at a recent conference (MTSA) in Frankfort, MI. I was told I could get acopy of the powerpoint presentation at this site. However, I can get it to down load. I really wanted to show it to our staff. Please contact me if you think you can help. Sincrely, Mitchel N1EDUCATOR@gmail.com
Mitchel Bean says:
My apologies for the spelling errors. I found another site which provided everything I needed. Thank You!
Martha Crook says:
I saw the presentation at a recent technology get together and would like a copy to share with my staff. I was told I could download it at this site, but it is blocked and I can't download it. Please help!!! Martha Crook Administrator Park City School District Park City, UT
PowerPoint File Windows Media Player version Scott McLeod's version (removes school-specific slides)
Brayden says:
I am wondering if anyone has the media player version of ShiftHappens rather than the DidYouKnow?
George Roth says:
Just wanted to say that I was truly awed watching this video, and encourage you to keep working on the sources to give it the backbone it deserves. Thank you for a great presentation. R, George
Mike O'Suna says:
I forwarded the video site to a colleague of mine and his question to me was "Could you find out the sources to Karl Fisch's information." I told him I would try to find out. Could you please give me a biography of your research? Thank you. Mike
Hi Mike -- Here's his blog: http://thefischbowl.blogspot.com/2006/08/did-you-know.html and perhaps you can track him down via Arapahoe High School? Cheers -- Alan
robert, hall says:
Sir; Where did you get your Statics and these ideas for your predictions from and biography of your research? Thank you ever so much. There is a saying in my group and that is "I could live my life now but not of the life of the future or of the past and they couldn't live ours" It could be wrong and It might be right. But the ideas intrigues me
IM says:
The presentation is just amazing!
Debbie Sampson says:
I would like to know who I can contact to get approval to use this video in a training course.
Kris Kneen says:
Heres another interesting fact, 89% of all online statististics are made up by the creator. Im not saying this information is flawed or anything.. but am i seriously the only one that questions the integrity of this content. you cant just take everything you hear on the internet to be fact. no liable sources and some of the facts differ from cencuses at the CIA website.. use your head's people. Dont be live whats marketed to you, like Obama, change maybe good, change for socialism... probly not the best adjustment to make..
JP says:
Dear Karl, Would you pleqse let me know who is the author of and what is the name of the music attached to your great "shift happens" ? Thanks for your answer, Best regards, Jean-Paul (from Tours, France)
STR says:
Is there a way to get citations or sources for the data and pronouncements made in this presentation? I would like to share it with students, but don't feel comfortable doing that without being able to track the assertions. Thanks very much.
Hi JP, STR & others- If you'd like to reach out to Karl, you can find contact info along with an updated presentation (version 2.0) at http://thefischbowl.blogspot.com/2006/08/did-you-know.html. Best- Ryan
Taylor says:
is there a way i could get a copy of the music played in the background of this video? if so, could some form of contact information be provided to me? Also, what is the title and name of the composer of this music?
Mr. Fisch....A few of us here in the US Air Force have reviewed your "Shift Happens" video and slides. We are so impressed that we are showing your presentation at our Communications Directorate "Wingman Day" scheduled for 28 May 09 here at Langley Air Force Base, VA. We would like to follow up with a "Motivational Speaker" to our 250 +personnel (Military (Officer/Enlisted), Civilians, Contractors). I'm going to put myself out there and ask if you might consider coming over to Langley AFB to talk/motivate our folks on 28 May 09? Our Senior Staff to include Brigadier General Stven Spano would be delighted if you would consider speaking to our folks on the reality of "Change" in both the Military and Civilian worlds. If yhou would consider, arrangements can be made for travel/lodging, etc. by Invitational Orders. If you're not able to make the trip, possibly recommend someone to us for the motivational portion of our Wingman Day? Thanks so much for your consideration. Colonel Kent Cooper 419-341-1363
Kathleen Phillips says:
Mr. Fisch, I was totally looking for something else when I came across your report on the "Shift" we are entering to. I found it quite interesting and was not really shocked I must say. I showed the videa clip to my son, who is entering college this very week in Information Technology. He was intriged himself, I told him that he has a lot of work ahead of him and so do all Americans. We all need to get up and get on with it! Parents need to forget sports and dance and get tutors! Yes, more facts would be great!
Rob Starmer says:
You know I just can't believe this trivial propaganda. Is this supposed to be a catch up geography lesson for those that have truly got their heads stuck in the sand. It fails on just about every level; it is sensationalist, nationalistic claptrap. It is also logically flawed; how is training kids to use IT going to help if there are still all these "scarey" chinese and indian people willing to do the job for $100 a month. Having had to sit through this at a "professional development" afternoon I felt compelled to come right to the source. This is the dangerous whimper of a failing empire. I'm afraid the shift in global power is not going to stop if I use a wiki in my classroom.
Sagar says:
I saw a more "corporate" version of the presentation here: http://www.flixxy.com/technology-and-education-2008.htm Which one is real and which one is fake? Has "outsourcing" become new plagiarism?
Emily says:
May I just ask if its possible that india's 25% of smart people out numbers america's population because there are so many people in india? Its a little bit misleading to say that because the total number of not so smart people in india out numbers us also.
Nathanael says:
India's population is about 4 times that of the USA. OF COURSE it's top 25% of students will outnumber our students. The misleading nature of that "statistic" alone (as well as the entirely errant "translation"), for me, call the totality of your research into question. Anyone with a brain can see through that one.
Cherellda says:
I was astound by the statistics in this video especially the one that states that we as educators are preparing children for jobs that dont even exist and that there are problems that exist that we dont even know about.
Mavis Rose says:
After watching this video I was amazed at some of the things I was seeing and learning. I would share this with my students but I would have to do some thorough research about the authenticity on this video to make sure information is true before I show my students. After searching through other sources I came with same information that i watch on the video. The information was very educational and inspiring. It shows us how china will soon be the top English speaking country.


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