May 292007

Jott: Free Voice To Text Transcription

I am not typing this post, I am speaking it. Jott is a free transcription service call 877-568-8486 tell Jott to E-mail for this to post myself and it transcribes your words and send the text, very cool, great for remember to do list.

Screen shot:

jott screen shot

Resulting email:

jott email

Quality isn't 100%, but usually good enough to capture short reminders to yourself and others.

Cool, useful, and free.

Link: Jott.


11 Responses to "Jott: Free Voice To Text Transcription"
james says:
Yes...I second this. Jott is an awesome service and has upped convenience for people who use it! Give it a try and find out the things you can do with jott!!
I have a 19 minute recording that I want to put to text. Will this software be able to help me? Thank you. Kerry J. Young 937-459-0629
james says:
Jott isn't the kind of app you would want to transcribe a 19 minute long recording to text, BUT you can do it if you want. Jott only does 30 second intervals at a time (for now at least) so that may be a headache for 19 long minutes. Jott is mainly for simple note taking, reminders to one's self, or alerting one or a group of people, etc etc. There may be something better to use for what you need BUT give Jott a try anyway. It is an awesome app! Get in while it's free!!
Chance says:
Jott is free for now...but how will they charge in the future? If you "got in" when it was free, will they start charging you or will it always be free for the beta testers? Why dont they just capture people's text data and sell advert "targeting" data to partners like Google? They can continue to peddle it for free and make lots of money in the interim. hmmmm.
Gracey says:
Jott is Free? No, I tried to make an account... It wants to charge me...
Gracey says:
Just read the comments: The "Grace Period" Must be over...
No longer free, sorry.
Lynn says:
I am currently a happy Jott user but, due to budget constraints, I'm going to have to end my service. Does anyone know other free Jott-like services? I need to call a service and have my notes transcribed. Thanks!
Lynn, If you're loooking for a FREE alternative, sign up for Google Voice (it's free!). If you don't have a Gmail account, sign up for one. Once you're signed up, do a Web search for Google Voice and sign up. They won't actually allow you to "sign up", but will allow you to submit your name and e-mail address. They'll probably e-mail you a "Google Voice Invitation" within 1 - 4 weeks. Then all you need to do is call your number (again, it's free), leave a voicemail, and Google will AUTOMATICALLY transcribe your voicemail and e-mail it to you! Essentially, it's the same thing as Jott.
Imran Zafar says:
most beneficial software this is.


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