Nov 102007

Internal Blogs: Less Email, Blogging Training Wheels, Link-sharing, BizCulture

Seth Godin recommends internal company blogs as a way to maintain company history. He praises internal blogs so you can look back and gain perspective on where how you got to where you are today.

Internal blogs -- private, behind-the-firewall, and employees only -- are great for other reasons:

* Internal blogs greatly reduce internal email clutter. Rather than email "" about the softball schedule, post it on the blog.
* Internal blogs provide a a safe practice space for writers gearing up for your public blog.
* Internal blogs let folks share interesting links, both work-related and frivolous.
* Internal blogs are great tool for maintaining corporate culture.

We run an internal blog where all employees can post (and many do). It is working well for us. Wordpress on our own server, so free.

Does your company run an internal blog? Would you say it is working?


6 Responses to "Internal Blogs: Less Email, Blogging Training Wheels, Link-sharing, BizCulture"
Sharjeel says:
Please tell me, how can one install Wordpress on server for internal use?
Hi Sharjeel -- It is the same as installing on a public server; you just put it on a server only reachable internally. For example, our office blog lives at 192.168.0.X, which is DNS'ed to "officeblog". We type "officeblog" into a browser address bar and up it comes. As per installing WP in general, check out the excellent wordpress docs, aka the "Wordpress Codex" And when your internal blog gains traction and becomes valuable, remember to make sure the wordpress DB and customizations get backed up regularly. Best of luck Alan
Andrew Mason says:
Can you recommend a WP plugin to make it private?
Hi Andrew -- Rather than a plugin, we just run it on a server on a private IP address, as described above. Cheers -- Alan
Kaizen says:
Cheers for the tip alan. I am going to run this on our local intranet. Will let you know how it goes.
Stephanie says:
Thank you for this. I am interested in setting up a site for internal purposes, and eventually turning it public. Is it possible to eventually move the site from the internal IP address to an external server while keeping the blog intact?

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