Sep 152008

Yes, I'm Human. No, I Can't Decode YouTube Captchas.

Today's minor pet peeve: illegible captchas.

Worse, captcha screens lacking a "generate another" link.

What is between the "h" and the "w" here? I have no clue.






7 Responses to "Yes, I'm Human. No, I Can't Decode YouTube Captchas."
Mats Svensson says:
Try the ones on youtube. Im pretty sure there is 0% chance anyone has ever passed one of theirs, and that they are just hardcoded to always give errors. Evil bastards...
Jesse says:
Yea and why do they ask for you to do these captchas so frequently. JEEEZZZ I only posted 2 comments and I had to do this, later on I post a few more comments and again...
diego says:
Well Google knows everything. There must be a way to to prove you are an actual human being and get rid of the captchas. I really feel discriminated. One day only bots will be able to bypass the captchas.
pascal says:
diego - that's pretty ironic considering captchas were originally meant to weed out the bots. But you are right. some programs are able to do it, such as skipscreen.
Roch says:
I am having this same problem but with the Technorati captchas... There isn't even a "listen" button for blinds.
Kawless says:
I totally agree, I can only make out about 1 in 5 of youtube's captchas. Even worse when a site's captchas don't even work, and the only way to contact them is through their forum.. which you can't create an account in because their captcha is broke.


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