May 312006

If You're Not Yet a CSS Believer...

Stephan Spencer has a nice short overview blog post suggesting some additional benefits of CSS. While arguing the merits of CSS is, to me, about as controversial as arguing the merits of chocolate, there are still some designers, agencies, and clients that could benefit from adopting the CSS religion. Begone, tables for formatting! Begone, pixel gifs for spacing! Begone, font tag bloat!


One Response to "If You're Not Yet a CSS Believer..."
Alan, as a designer, it's more than just the use of CSS to me. It's really about the adoption of standards so that a web site renders precisely the same in all browsers. We're not there yet--some browsers are still adopting common standards. It is true, however, that most designers are using CSS today because it is en vogue in the design community. Using web standards is powerful for one reason if nothing else. Using CSS for your web layout allows you to totally redesign a site by editing one file--the CSS file. I use CSS-based layouts where I can so that clients can easily redesign their sites in the future. Additionally, you can set up separate style sheets so that your site is viewable on screen, on a PDA or when printed. As you can see, it's a versatile method of design.

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