Aug 182009

A Hymn to SEOs Everywhere

A lone soldier
who fought in search,
slaving away hours
over tools others besmirched.

An SEO following the path

And pouring over data, nay -
piercing through the tangle,
of the analytics labyrinth
looking for a market angle.

He was dismissed by coders
scoffed at by naysayers,
ignored by deciders
sought solace in relevance prayers.

He sat in the meetings
holding a quiet vigil,
over googlebot's biddings
looking for the algo's jewel.

'Til one day it happened
the C-level's wanted numbers,
organic search was rising
revenue woke them from slumbers.

Paid channels, branding, offline
of SEO's virtues he sang,
driving home his message
hoping search traffic rang.

The conversions were most fine
and the referrals divine,
the bottom line did not lie
with his work on the line.

Now he's celebrated in their midst
the marketing team also partakes,
boasting of SEO's glory
and the reward of killer ranks.

Let this humble hymnal serve
as a tribute to the soldiers,
vigilante to the engines
that issue traffic flames from smolders.

Many an SEO will read this
and find an echo ring internal.
Be brave and stay true to search!
And the promise of ROI eternal!


8 Responses to "A Hymn to SEOs Everywhere"
Marty Martin says:
Very nice and I'm sure others like myself find many a truths in those stanzas! Cheers!
Thanks for sharing this post Adam, great stuff!
SeoNext says:
Really a nice post adam. I really liked it.
Adrian says:
Yes good work Adam, I will forward a link for a SEO song asap! Thanks
Adrian says:
Did you check out the SEO video link ? What did you think Adam? Adrian
Sam Corn says:
Great blog mate keep up the work it really saves me the headache
Very clever, I like it. I think you have to be within the industry to truly appreciate this hah

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