Nov 82006

Grab-bag of Interesting Links

Here's a grab-bag of interesting links from the last few weeks...

Google Checkout Buying Share
Nathan Weinberg of InsideGoogle notes that Google is spending heavily (discounts to consumers, payments to retailers) to increase adoption of Google Checkout.
What does this intense promotion suggest about the natural rate of adoption?

Google's Goals
Phillip Lessen of Google Blogoscoped shares notes from alleged internal 2006 Google planning docs.
Sell more ads. Green power. Omnipresent. Faster page load times.

Anonymity in Japanese Social Networks
Phillip Lessen of Google Blogoscoped notes a leading Japanese social network ( runs with anonymous users, the complete reverse of Western social networking sites.
The world is big, and the web isn't homogeneous.

Multichannel Customers Overvalued
Kevin Hillstrom of MineThatData suggest multichannel buyers are not intrinsically more valuable; they're simply migrating from catalog to online.
Not every industry "truth" applies to your business.

Shopping Cart Abandonment Concerns Overblown
Kevin Hillstrom of MineThatData suggests an abandoned shopping cart is a non-issue. (My former colleague Dave Dierolf made this argument for years.)
Again, not every industry "truth" applies to your business.

Outsourced APIs offers a platform to help application providers provide APIs.
APIs -- using and providing both -- change the rules of the game.

Growth Through Quality

Seth Godin points out that growth comes from doing what it is you do well, consistently and remarkably -- then customers spread the word.
Brand is what you do every day.

People Search
Matt Marshall of VentureBeat writes about Spock, a search engine for people soon to launch with 100 million profiles.
Search is a young channel, with big developments still to come.

Google Sponsored Video

Marshall Kirkpatrick of TechCrunch analyzes the difference between the first and the second Diet Coke and Mentos videos: corporate sponsorship.
Web media grows up: follow the money.

Real-Time Web Analytics Overvalued
Avinash Kaushik argues that real-time web analytics (vs not-real-time) are overvalued.
Slow down and think.

Design Decisions

Jason Fried of 37Signals shares the design process for one BackPack screen.
Fly-on-wall learnings from some UI masters.


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Alan, Great links, especially the two about shopping cart abandonment and design decisions. I'm going to cover the shopping cart abandonment link on my blog -- I happen to disagree with Kevin Hillstrom.

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