Oct 172006

Google's New Solar Roofs

At its core, Google's not a media company. They're an engineering company.

On this theme, EETimes reports Google will soon install 9,212 solar panels at the GooglePlex. This array won't generate enough power to run the whole campus, but it will be the largest solar installation to date on a corporate site.

Google's justly concerned with power: they consume huge quantities of electricity running the 450,000+ servers which comprise the Google platform. Rumor has it Google is among of the largest power users in California. Page and Brin have made investments in solar and wind. Google places major datacenters near hydro dams. Google advocates for more efficient PCs.

Alternative energy is good for Google shareholders, good for the nation, and good for the environment.


2 Responses to "Google's New Solar Roofs"
Patrick says:
Google has started in the right direction and its nice to see that they are helping the environment. Other big companies that consume huge amounts of energy should follow suit.
mike says:
I work for a small software company in Colorado and we're going the solar route after hearing about Google. It's a fantastic idea and I'm proud of google for leading by example.

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