May 252007

Google's Maile Ohye: 100 links per page, max

Maile Ohye from Google gave an interesting and spirited talk about Webmaster Central at AMA's Hot Topic on Search this afternoon in NYC.

If you've not done so recently, definitely check out Webmaster Central . Google is regularly adding new features, and there's an active blog and forum. (High praise for the additional transparency that Google is providing webmasters via this portal.)

SEO tip from Maile:

For human and spider friendliness, keep the number of links on any given webpage to 100 or less. That's both internal and external links.

Hadn't heard that one before.


5 Responses to "Google's Maile Ohye: 100 links per page, max"
Does that number of 100 links per page or less also include the navigational links and footer links. These, combined, may sometimes equal close to 100 leaving no room for content links.
100, all in, she said. That this recommendation is so low is why I thought Maile's comment interesting enough to blog. Cheers --- Alan
ogletree says:
100 links per page is not new. I have known that for a long time. I have been in the business 4 years and that has always been the number.
That's been in Google's Webmaster Guidelines for a long time (
Thanks for the link, Julie! Thanks for the history, Ogletree! We're a paid search shop by focus. Our knowledge of SEO is less deep. :) Cheers Alan

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