Mar 302008

Viewing On-Deck Google PR Releases

Android establishes an open platform for mobile devices.

OpenSocial does the same for social networks.

Sitemaps does the same for web page listings.

See a pattern?

As engineers, we were intrigued. We attempted to crack the security on Google's press release server. We succeeded. This link /cgi/private/crack.rb shows press releases coming out of 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway for the next few weeks. If there are multiple in queue, you can page them using the red "Next Press Release" button.

Bottom line: the future is about establishing standards.

These upcoming announcements show Google gets it.

Please keep this quiet so Google doesn't patch the security hole.


(post 4/1/08)


3 Responses to "Viewing On-Deck Google PR Releases"
Jerry March says:
Yes, but how do you tell it is it? Seems more like a script that substitutes some words with brand-name and nothing more. When do you expect this release to come up?
You are kidding me, right? The purpose of press releases is to be published and read by as many people as possible. There is nothing extraordinary about that. What is the big deal ?
FYI, posted on April 1st...

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