May 252008

Google Accidentally Reveals Internal SEO/SEM Metrics on Public Search Results

These are stale news items. There's some chance they are fake. And I have no clue how to interpret them. But they certainly are interesting...

From Techcrunch back in October:
Google assigns dollar value to search results


From SEL back in April:
Google Showing Ranking Scores On AdWords?


From Search Engine Journal, same event:
Google Leaks Quality Score Variables (Pscore, mCPC and thresh) in Search Results

honda mscore pscore

Hattip: SEOBook


5 Responses to "Google Accidentally Reveals Internal SEO/SEM Metrics on Public Search Results"
aaron wall says:
From the TechCrunch one...Matt Cutts confirmed that was real in the update 2 section of this post
Lenen says:
Pretty expensive click price for parachutisme: $37! I always like to see such a Google error myself, but unfortunately I haven't seen one :(
WOW, is anyone taking screenshots when this happens? Google tends to be on the ball with "accidents". They think their algorithm is like a cocacola recipe and probably assigned a bunch of PHDs to fix it.
Oops. I didn't click the link yet;) So funny.
Oh! Great to know this that means men can make mistake and google is not perfact. Anyhow it is intresting!

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