Jan 222009

Did Your RSS Counts Drop After Migrating to Google Accounts?

Last Friday we moved our RSS from Feedburner to the new Google account platform (see Transferring FeedBurner Accounts to Google Accounts FAQ).

Since then, our subscriber counts are down 50% and our reach numbers down 60%. We're trying to determine if this is normal or if something broke.


  • Did you experience any issues reaching our feeds over the last week?
    If so, thanks for describing in a comment.
  • Did your site experience RSS declines after switching?
    If so, thanks for sharing in a comment.
  • Heads up: If your site uses FeedBurner, you too must make this switch by 2/28/09.

    Sigh. I liked the old reports better too.


    Feedburner Needs To Get It Together, TechCrunch


4 Responses to "Did Your RSS Counts Drop After Migrating to Google Accounts?"
Wesley says:
I've heard Google Reader isn't being counted, not sure if it's true though. Also, from their FAQ: "Will I lose all my subscribers in this process? You should not lose any readers of your feed during this transition process. All feeds.feedburner.com URLs will redirect your readers to feeds hosted by Google. Your readers will continue to receive your feeds. However, the reporting and analytics may take up to a week to adjust to internet traffic changes, so the number of subscribers you see in analytics reports may be lower for a short period of time. In addition, the algorithms we use to calculate subscribers and reach at Google are more accurate and up to date than the algorithms previously used at FeedBurner.com, so your numbers will not be exactly the same before and after the transfer. We are constantly tuning our analytics to ensure they are accurate and correct for our publishers, but going forward we are only doing this within the Google environment."
Wesley -- There are many known issues with the transition, esp. when a CNAME is involved. See this very helpful Google post http://groups.google.com/group/feedburner/web/known-issues-workarounds?pli=1 we'll post what worked for us when we find it...
Bryan says:
I transitioned three feeds over and had no issues. I have had more of a time migrating to the current version of WP, but that seems to have stabilized.
ketyung says:
Mine also dropped 50%, I've just migrated over today. Hope it comes back to normal a couple of days later :D

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