Apr 32008


Regarding the fate of DoubleClick/Performics, from the Official Google Blog yesterday:

google performics

We plan to integrate the affiliate marketing business into existing Google operations, providing enhanced value and reach for our affiliate advertisers, and additional tools and monetization opportunities for our publishers. Together, we believe that we can continue to grow this business and deliver on the high expectations from partners.

Tom Phillips, Director, DoubleClick Integration, Google

Anyone else find it strange Google's keeping the affiliate piece?

CPA Adsense, sure, but that feels somewhat afield from an affiliate marketing network and an affiliate marketing agency...

Am I missing something obvious?


2 Responses to "Gooformics?"
Clint Dixon says:
I think you may be missing the obvious. Google Referrals ring a bell?? Probably not yet.... but soon it will for many more Goog Publishers. As we all know Adsense = cents Affiliate Marketing = $$$ Google knows this too, and knows the way to more revenue is more CPA... not CPC, in which Google forgot to monetize the eyeballs. K.I.S.S. Seems to be the Google mantra...
Affiliate marketing is a huge source of publishing traffic. Whether it is AdSense CPA or a new product people trust Google so they will join instead of CJ or the other affiliate programs...

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