Dec 132012

Havas Global Chairman George Gallate Joins RKG

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George Gallate

I'm delighted to announce that George Gallate, most recently the Global Chairman of Havas Worldwide Digital, will join RKG as our new CEO on January 1, 2013.

George is a 26 year veteran of Havas and brings to RKG visionary leadership, intelligence, energy and innovative thinking about "intent marketing" and the increasingly important intersection of search and social media.

I am taking a new role at RKG as Chief Marketing Scientist, which will allow me to focus full attention on the science of online marketing, the services and strategy we provide to our clients, and innovative new ways to think about the intersection of data and marketing.

Please join me in welcoming George Gallate. As you will see in the coming months, George's passion and dedication to the RKG mission will keep us on the forefront of online marketing.

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6 Responses to "Havas Global Chairman George Gallate Joins RKG"
Congratulations to all RKG CEO's named George! As someone who has followed RKG for many, many years, I can assure you that you're taking the helm of one of *the* best firms in the world.
Very kind of you, Chris, thanks. George is a dynamic, energetic visionary who will take us places, and I'm very much looking forward to crawling back under the hood with respect to how we do what we do.
Tom Moult says:
I've worked with George for most for past 26 years. If anyone at RKG, wants to know what he's really like, call me. Georgie, if you want me not to tell them, send money! Nah, only joking, he's a great hire and a great guy.
Tom, thank you for the character reference! No "buyer's remorse" here! Exciting times ahead.
John Shea says:
Big news-- Congrats all around! George G - As a long time business partner to RKG (while @Google) and a former employee, I couldn't possibly agree more with Chris Zaharias. You are joining a PHENOMENAL agency with brilliant people, culture and tech. George M - Marketers are wise to tune in to the RKGBlog... I cannot wait to see what you cook up as Chief Marketing Scientist!!!
John, thanks so much for the kind words. We're excited about the direction. I like my title, too, but now I have to live up to it! I've got some interesting conversations going with really smart people about applying more scientific rigor to all areas of marketing and advertising. Needs to answer the question: where is my money best spent to achieve the company's goals, and do so in a way that is cost effective and doable. A full blown media mix modeling project is the "right" approach, but is hugely expensive, hard to orchestrate, and difficult to repeat and scale. We're looking for something between simple attribution and The Full Monty.

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