Apr 32008

Gary Varynerchuk on Technology, Transparency, and Goodness

I really like Gary Varynerchuk's video on goodness and transparency in life and business.

In world where everything is transparent, what is going to happen is that people who are good, who come from the heart, are going to win.

And people who are bad, who have horrible intentions, are going to lose.

Understand this: anything you do is going to be known.

-- Gary Varynerchuk of WineLibraryTV


One Response to "Gary Varynerchuk on Technology, Transparency, and Goodness"
Julie Power says:
i love this, it challenges me, it makes me think about the implications. Do I want to know that the good guy who runs a non profit for example beats his wife? Should I think less of the restaurant owner who eats every night at chuckeee cheeze or whatever it is called. Should it really matter that the former president of the free world slept with his intern if he just created new jobs for the rest? It's going to be much harder to draw the line and break up our lives into neat little boxes. Dare I say, something men seem better at than women.

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