Dec 172008

Fraudulent Marketing

I get so annoyed when I encounter fraudulent marketing, in any channel.

I'm not a regulation fan, but check scams and other such forms of outright trickery should be illegal.



These schemes hurt the public. They also harm legitimate marketers by eroding trust.



3 Responses to "Fraudulent Marketing"
Baron says:
My favorite peeve is the checks my credit card company sends me that can be written against my credit card account. At less than favorable terms, not that I would want to do such a thing anyway. So I call and they assure me I will never get any more of them. That has been the routine for the last several years, and I'm still getting them. Obviously they make too much money off of these to consider not sending them. I don't know if it's materially unsafe, but I also don't feel good about having those things going through the mail.
phil says:
What I do is save up all the marketing scammy junk mail and return to sender. If they include any pre-paid envelop then i stuff all the other junk into it and mark "REFUSED - RETURN TO SENDER". This way they get something that should be postage due. Im also thinking about mailing them back rocks or bricks.
Sara says:
Nah, don't even write "Refused" and send it back... just send back the blank forms in the SASE, making them open up the envelopes and giving them false hope that they signed up a new customer. They paid for the postage, so they should use it. Waste not, want not. And sign up on the "No Junk" list. You'll still get junk, but not as much.

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