Oct 292008

Fast-Response Paid Search: J. Crew and Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama mentions J. Crew on the Tonight show.

J. Crew responds with a relevant paid search ad.

On Google:




(But not on Yahoo?)



5 Responses to "Fast-Response Paid Search: J. Crew and Michelle Obama"
Leigh says:
That's odd that it was not on Yahoo.
Maybe a higher bid or click-through rate on the PUMPKIN offer beat it out? Who knows.
Corner-office marketing. Only a CEO would find value in this type of keyword creation. Total waste of time. Michelle Obama's endorsement of J Crew may get more people to search for "J Crew", but "JCrew Michelle Obama"?!? This kind of stuff is what prevents search marketing analysts from focusing on the stuff that actually drives business.
Rick Isenberg says:
George, tell us what you really think :)
George has a point, but J. Crew is also advertising for just "michelle obama," at least in Google.

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