Mar 112008

Google / DoubleClick Acquisition Final Today

google tim armstrong

From Tim Armstrong today:

We are focused on uniting search and display online metrics and on improving the measurement and execution of media campaigns.

Fascinating that folks concerned about antitrust with respect to Microsoft - Yahoo, while this one, potentially far more monopolistic, pretty much sailed through.



2 Responses to "Google / DoubleClick Acquisition Final Today"
Bob says:
Now that the Google/DC deal is final, what happens with Performics? Does an SEM that (effectively) has discretion to spend ad dollars to benefit its parent company have a conflict of interest? If not, why is that not the case? Is this not in some way a fiduciary type of relationship?
I suspect Google will sell Performics off as soon as they can. Point number three of Google's messaging on the subject is: "We are a platform, not an agency. At Google, we continue to expand our offerings to the agency community because you, our customers, demand better measurement and metrics, and the ability to plan across platforms. We do not have, or want to develop, the skills that agencies offer advertisers. We are a technology company helping agencies and marketers connect to consumers." I'd be willing to wager you a fine steak dinner that by this time next year Performics will be owned by someone else.

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