Feb 32009

Don't Want Catalog, Perhaps You'd Like Email?

After going through today's mail, this evening I called up four great catalog companies in a row. Lands End, JJill, Bean, and The Learning Company.

"We like your company but we prefer to shop online," I said. "May we get off your mailing list?"

Totally true. My household has great RFM scores for all of these companies, but we shop almost exclusively by web.

All of the customer service reps were courteous, friendly, and polite. No problem getting off the mailing lists.

None asked me if I wanted to sign up for email.

We're already signed up for LE email so perhaps the CSR knew that and skipped the question. Maybe. But we're not on the email list for the other three.

Maybe they assume all NOMAIL callers are angry and would be annoyed by an email request. In 2009, I think that assumption is overly broad.

Small marketing opportunity lost.




4 Responses to "Don't Want Catalog, Perhaps You'd Like Email?"
Amazing, isn't it. Some of those companies likely have silo'd departments, but not all. Simply amazing.
John Webb says:
Such a simple idea, one that I've no doubt countless other companies have not thought about. This is one I'll suggest is implemented immediately with my company! Great blog by the way, lots of thought provoking content!


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