Nov 272007

Median CyberMonday Sales Up 32% (and other 11 benchmarks): Compare Your Results By Category

For better or for worse, Cyber Monday is much discussed.

We've found that historically, in the PPC world, it's importance is really a function of your business model. Companies that are primarily brick and mortar firms may find that Cyber Monday ranks but 15th in total sales volume online, where catalogers might see it in the top 10 and internet pure plays may find it only trailing next Monday in importance.

So, recognizing that there are many variables in play here, we took a look at how some of our larger clients did this cyber Monday compared to 2006 in PPC.

It's important to note that we're looking at median values (half above, half below), and that some of these changes reflect different strategies in play.

For example: some clients are willing to spend more aggressively to drive top line sales this year, pushing ads up the page, cpc's higher, sales and costs higher as well. Hence the data below are an amalgam of data from different companies, sometimes with changed objectives, but may prove useful as a way to gauge how others are doing in the space.

Cyber Monday Stats


Enjoy the holiday bonanza!


CyberMonday coverage


5 Responses to "Median CyberMonday Sales Up 32% (and other 11 benchmarks): Compare Your Results By Category"
Jay says:
Hey George- Great stuff! Congrats on driving some strong sales growth for your clients. One quick question. In the Consumer Electronics vertical, you're showing Clicks up 56%, Impressions up only 55%, but CTR down 18%. Unless I'm missing something, those traffic numbers would result in a small INCREASE in CTR (around a 0.6%-0.7% increase). Is there a typo in one of the numbers? Thanks, and good luck with the rest of the season.
Thanks Jay, There's no typo, just funkiness relating to using "median" values rather than "means". You also get different values for the group if you take the percentage change of the median values, or the median value of the percentage changes. I did the latter, as it better reflects the "middle" value of the group of clients for each stat. I may do a little blog piece on this strange statistical issue.


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