Apr 122008

Video: Customer Centric Paid Search Marketing

I enjoyed the opportunity to speak on a panel at the Shop.org Marketing Workshop earlier this week about "customer-centric search marketing."

Moderated by Alan Dick of Vintage Tub and Bath, the panel consisted of Rebecca Kelley of SEOmoz, Ken Jurina of Epiar, Todd Friesen of Visible Technologies, and myself.

My argument was that providing the searcher what he or she really really wants often also gets the retailer what they really really want: more sales.

Here's a pdf of my slides -- Customer Centric Paid Search.

I also recorded my presentation afterwards. Here is is, in two parts.

Part one

Part two

What A Searcher Really Really Wants
From Your Paid Search Ad

  • I want to type 2, 3 or 4 words into Google
  • I want to use my own words, not yours
  • I want you to handle my typos and misspells
  • I want to find your ad on page 1, above fold
  • I want ad copy which helps me choose
  • I want ad copy which is honest
  • I want a landing page which loads quickly
  • I want a landing page which lets me do what I want to do me as quickly as possible


3 Responses to "Video: Customer Centric Paid Search Marketing"
Alan, Great and useful presentation. I am astound to find time after time that advertisers spent thousands of pounds when they could potentially do much better by just listening to their prospects. I wrote a post (it's 2 really) with regards to onsite search that I think your readers might find useful. Many of the prospects do not bounce off your website even though they've landed on the Homepage, they are using your onsite (internal) search. One aspect of mining the onsite search is feeding back the campaigns. The first post is on http://iudaea.com/onsite-search-analytics-part-1 Cheers Eran
I was expecting you to at least break into "really really want" for 60 seconds! : ) Great presentation Alan, as always. -Avinash.
BetterRetail says:
Great presentation. However, I would venture to say despite UA's poor online strategy most customers (especially first time buyers) would still buy UA apparel from underarmour.com. The reason UA doesn't care is because, so far, this is not showing in their balance sheets.

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