Jul 242006

Controlling Your Message in Google Snippets Via NOODP Tag

Last month, a client asked us about the small fragment of text that shows beneath the link in an organic Google result.

They weren't pleased with the fragment Google selected to describe their homepage, and wanted to know how to change it.

Google calls this text the "snippet", and gets the text from DMOZ or from the META DESCRIPTION tag on the page, or from the page contents itself.

The red arrow points to the snippet:

style="border-width:4px; border-color:gray; border-style:outset;" width="90%"
alt="Google Snippets"/>

Many retailers aren't aware of DMOZ / ODP, and often find their firm's description in the ODP isn't how they'd describe their brand.

Until this month, if Google used DMOZ to snippet your site, and if the DMOZ entry was weak, your only solution was to try and get the DMOZ entry fixed, which in some cases was difficult, given the directory is maintained by volunteers.

This month,

Google introduced a Google-specific META robots tag value, "NOODP"
, which tells Google not use the DMOZ description.

Here's the tag syntax:


Helpful to control the presentation of your brand.


3 Responses to "Controlling Your Message in Google Snippets Via NOODP Tag"
Holly says:
Will adding the meta NAME=â€ROBOTS†CONTENT=â€NOODP†hinder my main keyword phrases or ranking?
Alan says:
It shouldn't.
Angie says:
I opted out of reunion.com. (and if you click on the site it looks like I am not in their database.) However, when I google my name, my name town and age still show up in the snippet (along with others with similar last names). It looks like the age & location Google is pulling in the snippet matches info in Intelius. The folks at reunion.com have no idea how to get my personal info out of the snippet in a Google search. (They do not want to erase the snippet entirely since it shows info for a range of people) Do you have any advice?

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