Mar 302007

Commoditize your complements: Google, Double Click, Microsoft

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So DoubleClick is rumored to be on the block for $2B. Got it.

Microsoft, seeking traction, is rumored to be a suitor. While also denying interest. Sure.

According to WSJ (via Threadwatch) Google is coding a response. Makes sense.

And this morning from Battelle -- Google's response is predicted to be free.

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Unexpected. Game-changing. If true, brilliant.

Zero -- or near-zero -- pricing is a wrecking ball. Read Joel Spolsky from 2002 on commoditizing your complements. As usual, Joel's spot on.

Would MSFT even buy an asset that could be urchinized within the year? Even if yes, at what discount for risk? The markets don't like it.

Blodgett's right: Google's online success won't easily translate to traditional media -- margins are too low. But online, they continue to look unstoppable.

Google is wringing inefficiencies out of the web ecosystem.


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Hashim says:
The link doesn't work. But I googled "commoditizing your complements" and that is a smart strategy. I want to use that in my own work.
Thanks for the catch, Hashim. That was the most key link in the post and it was malformed -- ack! Fixed. Thanks -- Alan
The Big Boys are fighting over second-tier ad networks There’s a great businessweek article that hit the wire today. It discusses the probable purchase of DoubleClick by one of the three major internet search players (that’s Google, MSN, and Yahoo, of course). It’s entitled Google vs. Mic...

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