After an ad matching change that was not impactful, advertisers looking to grow Bing traffic may want to test their strategy around tail terms.

There’s little to suggest a real turnaround in the works for the Search Alliance as the engines get set to release their Q2 earnings.

Bing’s restrictive broad matching appears to be weighing down Search Alliance revenues.

Although it has seen gains in overall search share, the Yahoo! and Microsoft Search Alliance has had trouble monetizing its traffic.

We see accounts losing ground as a result of the merger.

Mixing Bing and Yahoo traffic will impact the quality of traffic and influence bids.

Would a simple change to search engine UIs produce a better experience for everyone?

Are you ready for Bing-hoo!?!

Yahoo’s new syndication bidding controls should be a big win for everyone!

Bing came out of the gates hard in 2010!

Yahoo! announced their Q4 ’09 earnings on Tuesday, making their best effort to portray a 4% year over year decline in revenue as a signal of a turnaround. While that certainly beats the 12-13% declines Y! saw earlier in ’09, there are still troubling numbers deeper in the report and in RKG’s data.

Traffic from mobile devices has grown tremendously over the last year, but the quality of that traffic may be sketchy.

The value of traffic from each network partner varies. Allowing advertisers to control what they pay for traffic from each would benefit the advertisers, the quality publishers, and the engines.

A new study on search engine loyalty from the RKG skunk-works

Sudden drops in conversion rates can happen for a variety of reasons. Here are some tips for identifying and addressing these issues.

Has eBay been phasing out syndicated Yahoo ads in favor of Google’s? RKG records indicate a major change in the search partner landscape.

Is Bing gaining share?

The deal is done. What does it mean for paid search?

A more careful study yields a different perspective.

Bing hasn’t stolen much traffic yet, but the traffic it has taken seems to be high quality and the source may surprise people.

How your PPC efforts are tracked can have a significant impact on the program’s performance. Javascript-based tracking systems used by most web analytics systems typically lose 10 – 30% of the sales driven by paid search. Find out why and how to plug this hole.

For better or worse, this is where online retail is heading, and your marketing and merchandising teams will benefit from being there at the beginning.

We took a look at “Market Share” of the big three engines over time and saw some interesting trends.

Yahoo has been testing a feature that allows advertisers to add videos, custom search boxes or images to their traditional text search ads. As presented in Beta, the program seems more aligned with Yahoo’s bottom line, than with those of their advertisers.

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