Failures can teach us a great deal, too.

Few things will limit your SEO campaign like poor link building. Here’s how link quotas can hurt your SEO efforts.

I was recently asked to answer questions on the state of SEO and evolution of the industry. Answering questions like these can be a useful exercise.

As with many relationships, the hidden magic that takes place at the intersection of SEO and PPC may not be obvious at first glance.

Or, put another way, ‘over-optimization’ is synonymous with ‘no real business model’.

Today I have the privilege of sharing with you how RKG approaches link development, how we see it in the context of SEO strategy overall, and if you’re lucky, a bit about where we see our efforts going in the future.

Domain Authority is so powerful, that it easily woos Google into giving up her prizes: rankings. DA is the Kavorka and Google cannot resist.

Yext has expanded its offering with PowerListings, a mechanism for businesses to control their local search listings from a single place. I had a couple of great conversations with some very sharp folks there and just wanted to share.

Some mistakes simply cannot be made.

Google withholding SEO referral data for logged-in users has caused quite a stir. But what is the actual consequence so far?

Pay-per-call is here, but will it take-off?

Trend data is fascinating, and occasionally even useful!

Far too much has been written about Quality Score already and I’m loathe to add to the pile, but I have some ideas that might help us all.

Big news! AudetteMedia has been acquired by the search marketing firm RKG. We’re beyond excited, we’re stoked! We’re psyched! We’re pumped up! RKG is one of the largest paid search marketing firms in the world, in terms of managed advertising spend. In addition to PPC, they offer technology solutions in attribution, comparison shopping, social media, […]

Sometimes 1 + 1 = 4

Leeches shouldn’t complain about the taste of blood.

How should advertisers and their agencies think about cookies?

Good advice is in the eye of the beholder.

In the complex world of media mix analysis it’s important to have a trustworthy guide. Just as a last touch attribution model can lead to mis-allocation of resources, over-crediting first touches can mislead as well.

Smart bidding is about matching bids to the value of traffic at the most granular levels: what is this click worth on this keyword, given this user search, from this geography, at this time, on this day?

To do this at the highest levels, it is often necessary to pull in data beyond what is available from the engines and typical conversion tracking systems. Let’s take a look at 6 types of data that when fed into your paid search bid management will take your program to another level.

Good data analysis is the foundation of good marketing; bad data analysis is a waste of time.

… lame name, yes. Lame content? Nope! The “WebCAM” conference in Bend, Oregon has come and gone, and it was a terrific event with some extraordinary content and speakers. Bend proved why it’s often called the “Motherland of SEO,” and more importantly, attracted a number of talented internet marketing folks from all over the country. […]

This is a rebuttal to Rand Fishkin’s recent post entitled, Terrible SEO Advice: Focus on Users, not Engines. While I believe Rand has some excellent points, and I tend to agree with the overall sentiment (that we need to cater to search engines), I feel strongly that it’s very good advice to focus websites on […]

Social media can’t build your brand strategy, complete customer-care or package your product, but it can save your brand. This may sound a bit “hasty” to you nay-sayers out there. But, if you start with a decent brand and have a more than halfhearted commitment to your customers/audience it can help breathe new life into […]

I can say with all honesty that 100% of our clients are great to work with. We partner with them, create really productive relationships, and everyone makes money. It’s a win-win. Best of all, we have fun doing it. That’s not a coincidence – we’re careful of the types of companies we work with. However, […]