New customers may have more value than you think. Some old and new ideas for measuring the true value of new customers, and how this might impact your online marketing targets.

Does it help you, or hurt you when your competitors behave irrationally?

More scratchings on the so called PPC buying cycle.

My monthly column for Search Engine Land in case you missed it.

Follow up on Amazon’s change in policy, and why it’s so hard for others to follow suit.

Amazon bars affiliates from PPC advertising.

We took a look at “Market Share” of the big three engines over time and saw some interesting trends.

As a consumer, if a banner ad, or a search ad, catches my eye, why wouldn’t I click on it? The key is that in either case just getting me to click isn’t a win. It’s a two part process: 1) Get my attention, 2) Sell to me.

Is your PPC program hitting on all cylinders in this environment? The stakes are higher than ever.

Anyone interested in studying at RKG U?

There’s a difference between hunting and chasing. Similarly there’s a difference between PPC execution and marketing blather.

Are you looking at the right numbers? Do you control data or does it control you?

There is no substitute for flexible systems and smart, well-trained users.

Taking a look at the first month and a half of Q1, it looks like the pain in the retail sector is spreading and deepening.

Yahoo has been testing a feature that allows advertisers to add videos, custom search boxes or images to their traditional text search ads. As presented in Beta, the program seems more aligned with Yahoo’s bottom line, than with those of their advertisers.

This was published at Search Engine Land on Monday February 16th, in case you missed it.

It’s SEO geek accessory time again! Remember our fancy-dancy t-shirts we gave away a few months back? Well, we’ve gone a step further this time. The shirts were so popular that we ended up doing two large orders, and have given all of them away. It’s time to up the ante… Desk Holders with SEO […]

Tonight I opted out of several catalog mailing lists to reduce excess mail; none suggested email.

I’ve been asked to join Google’s SEM Advisory Council. Here are some things we want from Google in 2009.

Interested in Speaking at a event? Retailers wanted!

Following up last week’s post on a bug in Google’s Broad Match algorithm, this post details more controls we’d like to have while they’re under the hood.

Feedburner users: we recommend delaying migrating to Google Accounts as long as possible, as the current process is broken.

Our RSS subscriber counts are down 50% and our reach numbers down 60% after migrating from Feedburner to Google. Is this real, or a tracking hiccup?

Google’s Broad Match changed over the summer — unbeknownst to them!

These suggestions were posted at SEL yesterday, in case you missed them.