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Social media has finally entered the stage as an important player in overall rankings and the RKG team saw it coming! Our social team is a savvy and strategic group of minds that knows what’s up when it comes to Facebook,Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, and Google +. We help clients shape social strategy, prepare for the latest platform updates, launch promotions, and integrate social advertising and community management initiatives to reach and engage audiences, accomplish business objectives and gain conversions. And of course, being all things social – we can’t help but talk about it. Look for our successes and lessons learned right here.

A tactical guide for Google Plus covering page creation, daily management, and key optimizations with other Google products.

Learn how link building is impacting more of your online presence than you think and how to better understand its impact.

Early adopters of Google+ received another carrot last week when brand searches started returning Google+ profile posts in the right rail of the SERP.

Major updates from Facebook and Pinterest will change how marketers utilize each.

The King is Dead. Long Live the King. There’s an old adage online, by now so used up and tired I’m surprised how often it’s still envoked: content is king. I heard it whispered in 1996 by the pioneers, when it was still a fresh and novel concept, when it held promise and hope; when […]

One result of Search Plus your World may be greater adoption of Google+ as a social network. If that happens, brands will have to make a stronger effort to show up in Google+ newsfeeds and the inclusion of Google+ activity in search results solidifies the need for Google+ to be a part of your larger social media strategy.

This post started as a short announcement of the recent conferences where I’ll be speaking in the next few months. But once pen hit paper, I guess I had more to say! The merger and acquisition of AudetteMedia by RKG has certainly taken some time and attention. It’s good to be back at my desk. […]

Today we released the RKG Digital Marketing Report for the fourth quarter of 2011, offering data and analysis for paid search, SEO, Facebook advertising and more.

As we move toward the holiday season, more online retailers are interested in unlocking spend on Facebook, but quick wins will lose momentum if not anchored by a larger plan.

Though not all Facebook Likes are equally valuable, comparing our own count to those of our competitors is a common proclivity and it can offer guidance as a high level benchmark, particularly if we consider some context.

An early read on the potential of the Google+ project.

Looking at data across RKG’s Attribution and Facebook clients we assess how Facebook users are currently fitting into the larger multi-channel picture.

+1 on the page is here to stay

We provide an overview of the unique metrics available to Facebook advertisers.

We walk you through the basic process of setting up your first Facebook ad campaign.

By now, the question online advertisers are facing with regard to Facebook advertising is not “why?” but “how?”

Initial thoughts on Google +1

George Michie interview with Scott Silverman of Ifeelgoods.

Is the ability to interact with customers through social media just another cost of doing business, or an opportunity to excel?

During a marketing meeting the other day, while on a spitfire about how awesome social media is, a client interrupts to ask me “SO, what is your one favorite social site?” While I was tempted to answer with, come to be known as my ‘catch phrase’ – “it depends” – I refrained and simply answered, […]

Linda is one of the smartest people in online marketing.

2009 has been a big year for social media. Many of the sites have proven, in some eyes, that they can stick around and social media won’t just be the “fanny pack” fad of the industry. Although, those were pretty cool… A purse that buckles around the waste and wait, guys can sport it too? […]

RSS feeds from search results make it easy to monitor your brand across the web.

A viral marketing idea using social media.

Configure Akismet to vanish Russian spam comments.