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When it comes to SEO, the RKG team works a skillful white-hat magic to increase website rankings and help clients out perform the competition. Our technical audit review is the most robust in the industry and we always employ best practices to ensure that web properties are optimized in keeping with the latest standards. Our team of expert SEO problem solvers shares our findings and insights about hot SEO topics right here.

The tumult around Google’s move to encrypt searches for signed-in users obscured the larger issue that data for organic search traffic has never been as robust as the data we have for paid search.

Google withholding SEO referral data for logged-in users has caused quite a stir. But what is the actual consequence so far?

A plethora of articles have been written about the convergence of SEO and PPC, most of them fairly elementary. To realize a competitive advantage, and to really integrate learnings from each channel, we need to dig a little deeper.

With RKG now offering comprehensive SEO services, we highlight some of our favorite and most useful SEO blog posts.

Pagination has always been a sticky problem for search engines. While not nearly as complex as faceted navigations for SEO, they can certainly cause crawling inefficiencies and excessive duplicate content.

A recount and analysis of some of the more interesting bits from the Google antitrust hearing.

…And the SERP changes continue.

A Google test could mark a significant turning point in the convergence of SEO and PPC.

Sometimes 1 + 1 = 4

Big news! AudetteMedia has been acquired by the search marketing firm RKG. We’re beyond excited, we’re stoked! We’re psyched! We’re pumped up! RKG is one of the largest paid search marketing firms in the world, in terms of managed advertising spend. In addition to PPC, they offer technology solutions in attribution, comparison shopping, social media, […]

Maybe the big advertisers should get a boost.

We’ve been designing a robust, advanced, and powerful SEO crawling tool over the last several months. SEO Scalpel is designed to focus in on very defined, specific criteria on a site and deliver it in CSV files for deeper analysis. A partial list of SEO Scalpel’s functionality is as follows: Efficient and fast crawling Scales […]

It’s safe to say this is an unprecedented time in SEO. The beginning of 2011 has proven a difficult one for Google’s PR team, with widespread attacks on its search relevance. The attacks came from all corners, from prominent publications like the New York Times and Wall Street Journal, and influential blogs like TechCrunch and […]

As a boutique internet marketing firm, AudetteMedia does not specialize in a particular industry vertical.  So over the last few years I’ve found myself needing to wear the “expert hat” in a variety of areas from woodworking and vitamins to pet insurance, motorcycle parts and kids outdoor sports. Content is King, as they say in […]

AudetteMedia has been using Advanced Web Ranking & Link Manager for over 2 years. This software works exceptionally well for automating SEO reporting, gaining actionable insights into rankings, and tracking metrics such as site backlinks, link text, and indexed pages. It also has a decent keyword research tool. The quick response time their support team […]

The allure of online marketing is the ability to measure, measure and measure some more. But what’s the value of all that data without actionable items to move the needle on your company’s bottom line? Nadda. In his latest book, Web Analytics 2.0: The Art of Online Accountability & Science of Customer Centricity, Avinash Kaushik […]

The Internet has changed the marketing world. Now, that’s hardly a revelation of any sort; in fact it is, at this point, probably common knowledge. And while it may seem, in retrospect, as though the Internet came along and immediately revolutionized traditional marketing, the truth is that the marketing industry has changed as the Internet […]

In early 2009 I was sitting at a lunch table at the SMX West conference, when I met this really smart guy named George Michie. I’d heard about the PPC expertise of The Rimm-Kaufman Group, of course, but didn’t know any of the principal players. George and I hit it off pretty much instantly. We […]

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. Affiliate cheats and SEO link spammers.

Writing with SEO in mind isn’t natural for a lot of us, but once you get the “formula” down and understand where you can influence SEO with keywords on the page, it should be standard practice for anyone working within pages of a site. It’s all about emphasizing relevance for the theme of the page, […]

Just a quick post outlining a few things I’ve been doing. If I can’t promote myself before the conferences and such, I might as well promote myself afterwards, right? I’ll figure this marketing thang out someday. Other than writing posts about the serious dangers of rel=canonical, I’ve been traveling a bit. Working a lot – […]

Interview with SEO Expert Adam Audette.

It’s been several months since the link canonical tag was announced, and it’s being used fairly liberally out in the wild. It’s patently clear to us that this tag is quite powerful and effective, and the consequences of its misuse very serious. It’s being misused a lot (not a surprise). We’re seeing a ton of […]

(Meg’s last post was, Keyword Research: The (Beloved) Step Child of SEO) Some of the most common questions I hear when it’s time to set up a blog for a business are: What should it look like – my site or totally different? What platform should I use? What do we write about? Who will […]

Keyword research, the step-child of SEO. Considered a tedious step in the SEO research process by many, keyword research is as critical to search as links are to rankings. Let’s take a minute and discuss how the actual keyword research process plays out and take a guess as to why it’s under-loved, but also why […]