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When it comes to SEO, the Merkle | RKG team works a skillful white-hat magic to increase website rankings and help clients out perform the competition. Our technical audit review is the most robust in the industry and we always employ best practices to ensure that web properties are optimized in keeping with the latest standards. Our team of expert SEO problem solvers shares our findings and insights about hot SEO topics right here.

Google recommends implementing the Vary: User Agent HTTP header, but doing so may put a strain on your web server.

We had the pleasure of having Danny Sullivan visit the RKG Bend office recently, and Adam got to chat with him about where this crazy world of SEO and link development got started.

For SEO analysis, keyboard shortcuts can create a helpful real-time connection between your brain and the computer.

In the spirit of Halloween we’re counting down the top 5 most ghastly SEO mistakes known to man.

A change with iOS 6 means that a significant and increasing number of organic search visits are being inaccurately classified as direct site visits due to missing referrer information.

After 12 months of living with Google secure search, we look at how the (not provided) segment has trended and investigate some workarounds.

Will Google’s new disavow tool for links encourage some to generate spammy links at even greater rates?

Learn how travel sites can deal with the flood of site search pages in order to maximize click-through rates and conversions.

Announcing the RKG Digital Marketing Report for Q3 2012. The latest data and analysis of marketing trends for paid search, SEO, comparison shopping engines, social, attribution and more.

Recent Google patents and documents may offer a glimpse of the aspect-driven future of search.

Two years after Google Instant sparked concern about the erosion of the long tail, how is query length holding up?

Facebook, Google+ and Twitter can help make your content more shareable with rich snippets of content that can be shared across platforms.

Learn how RKG creates link building strategies and performs high-level competitive analysis.

A Google message to webmasters stirred up some fear earlier this year, resulting in several discussions in the Internet marketing community on the current effectiveness of negative SEO.

This article will outline the appropriate SEO method for handling product versions, colors, sizes and variations on ecommerce sites.

Quality sites with quality links should be fine.

First, shut off the water.

The narrative goes that Google is making life hard for SEOs with the intent of biasing results in favor of big businesses (read: big advertisers) at the expense of small businesses. Is this valid criticism?

Announcing the RKG Digital Marketing Report for Q2 2012. Google search spend growth slows as it moves to cash in on comparison shopping.

Many robots.txt best practices are well established, and yet we continue to see incorrect information spread in prominent places.

Explore a list of resources designed to help you take your link building thinking to the next level.

A real backlink strategy isn’t about links at all, but about content, social, and promotional strategies that will engage people.

In his presentation for the 2012 RKG Summit, Adam Audette covers getting stakeholder buy-in for search engine optimization, proper handling of pagination and faceted content, site crawlability and other top concerns for SEOs.

One piece of evidence indicates Target has experienced a dramatic loss in traffic tightly timed with the Penguin update.

One thing is clear: the recent changes at Google have yet again raised the bar for SEO.