Who do we work for, the department/employees that hired us or the company that pays our fees?

Reaction to 6-months of Google AdWords’ PlusBox performance data.

My monthly column at SEL, in case you missed it.

More scratchings on the so called PPC buying cycle.

My monthly column for Search Engine Land in case you missed it.

We took a look at “Market Share” of the big three engines over time and saw some interesting trends.

It’s important to make sure that your day-parting bid logic changes with the demand. We’ve seen a number of our client’s day-parting rules move up and/or down when compared to 2008.

Is your PPC program hitting on all cylinders in this environment? The stakes are higher than ever.

MSN adCenter’s normalization and ad serving logic can cause some undesired effects.

Anyone interested in studying at RKG U?

There’s a difference between hunting and chasing. Similarly there’s a difference between PPC execution and marketing blather.

Are you looking at the right numbers? Do you control data or does it control you?

There is no substitute for flexible systems and smart, well-trained users.

Yahoo has been testing a feature that allows advertisers to add videos, custom search boxes or images to their traditional text search ads. As presented in Beta, the program seems more aligned with Yahoo’s bottom line, than with those of their advertisers.

This was published at Search Engine Land on Monday February 16th, in case you missed it.

Only run terms on Google using exact match or only run terms on broad: which idea is more correct?

I’ve been asked to join Google’s SEM Advisory Council. Here are some things we want from Google in 2009.

Following up last week’s post on a bug in Google’s Broad Match algorithm, this post details more controls we’d like to have while they’re under the hood.

Google’s Broad Match changed over the summer — unbeknownst to them!

Can Yahoo automatically add keywords to your account and activate them, all without your pre-authorization?

Many retailers will spend the next week or two studying the results from Q4 hoping to find action items for early Q1. A word of caution: don’t yank the rudder too quickly.

Can you bid more than your target efficiency and make it up in volume? Often, no.

Google’s New Mobile Device Network Distribution Setting – Should We Care?

If you’re interested in auditing your paid search campaigns but haven’t the time to do it yourself, give my colleague Ryan Gibson a call at (434) 970-1010.

One day isn’t an entire retail season, but I thought it interesting to compare CyberMonday 2008 to 2007.