“Solving” the problem of attribution may be impossible, but actionable improvements are worthwhile for many and those improvements can range from the simple to the highly complex.

Getting attribution absolutely right is impossible, but even an imperfect system may add significant value.

Yahoo’s new syndication bidding controls should be a big win for everyone!

Sometimes it’s tempting to leap to conclusions in paid search. In this cautionary post, we’ll provide a tool for testing whether data has changed meaningfully, or whether you’re looking at statistical noise.

How could something that sounds so good, be so wrong-headed?

A layered approach to assessing paid search effectiveness. Now is the time to raise the bar.

Traffic from mobile devices has grown tremendously over the last year, but the quality of that traffic may be sketchy.

Each marketing vehicle demands a different mindset from its practitioners.

The value of traffic from each network partner varies. Allowing advertisers to control what they pay for traffic from each would benefit the advertisers, the quality publishers, and the engines.

Do coupon affiliates drive incremental sales? I’m doubtful, but willing to eat my words if one of the big dogs is willing to participate in this test.

Sudden drops in conversion rates can happen for a variety of reasons. Here are some tips for identifying and addressing these issues.

In paid search, metrics often vary in unexpected ways. Unexplained variation is often referred to as “noise.” Noise occurs on top of, and can sometimes cloud our view of, the true underlying pattern, or, the “signal.”

Part 2 of our study: much of the conventional wisdom around paid search driving store sales may be wrong.

The delay between clicks and orders can make it difficult to evaluate performance of tests in the early stages.

The findings are very interesting…but not what we expected!

A really good idea (probably not ours) for testing the incremental value of display ad impressions.

When your SEM says “those keywords didn’t work”, it’s time to find a new agency.

The data shows that geographical considerations matter — not just simple regional preferences: factors like population density, home values, average incomes, retail proximity etc. impact performance of PPC ads. Now we just need more tools from the engines to act on this data.

How your PPC efforts are tracked can have a significant impact on the program’s performance. Javascript-based tracking systems used by most web analytics systems typically lose 10 – 30% of the sales driven by paid search. Find out why and how to plug this hole.

Do offers work for you or against you? The answers aren’t always obvious.