There are plenty of good reasons to advertise on your brand regardless of ROI. But is it ROI positive? It depends…

As we move toward the holiday season, more online retailers are interested in unlocking spend on Facebook, but quick wins will lose momentum if not anchored by a larger plan.

Smart anticipatory bidding can make you money at the holidays.

Pay-per-call is here, but will it take-off?

We’ve long maintained that conversion rates don’t vary much by position, but we haven’t had such a clear view of the position of each ad click until now.

Driving new leads through paid search can and should be a profitable endeavor. However, it’s not an easy one.

Who do we work for, the department/employees that hired us or the company that pays our fees?

Smart bidding is about matching bids to the value of traffic at the most granular levels: what is this click worth on this keyword, given this user search, from this geography, at this time, on this day?

To do this at the highest levels, it is often necessary to pull in data beyond what is available from the engines and typical conversion tracking systems. Let’s take a look at 6 types of data that when fed into your paid search bid management will take your program to another level.

My SEL piece for this month in case you missed it: Suppose you run a banana stand. You buy pallets of bananas and sell them for $1.00/banana to poor saps in the airport. You normally buy bananas from Farmer Jones for $0.30 each. You have an additional $0.60/banana in expenses for delivery costs, storage, staffing, […]

How to set and manage initial bids for new programs if you don’t have sophisticated tools.

If we assume that keyword length is an imperfect-but-still-worthy proxy for the specificity of a phrase, then we’d expect to see a mathematically positive relationship between keyword length and conversion.

Although it has seen gains in overall search share, the Yahoo! and Microsoft Search Alliance has had trouble monetizing its traffic.

There is a real opportunity for advertisers to segment their spend by browser version or, more realistically, let Google try to do it for us.

It’s human nature to want to know what everyone else is doing. But don’t burn valuable time and money studying benchmarks.

Bigger orders aren’t just better now, they’re better later, too.

Are Product Listing Ads just cannibalizing AdWords Text Ads? Read what we’re seeing in the data.

We see accounts losing ground as a result of the merger.

Lead generation requires more sophistication, not less.

Simply counting assists is a poor solution to the attribution puzzle.

How often does the purchase match the search?

Get the most bang for your buck in paid search by focusing on the highest priority issues.

The incremental marketing efficiency can be far more aggressive than the average. Here’s why

The iPad launched just a little over two months ago with Steve Jobs heralding the device as a new “third category” between laptop computers and smartphones. Our data suggests iPad users behave much more like traditional desktop and laptop users than mobile users when it comes to online shopping.

Tracking made Google a success, but may now provide friction to its continued growth.

In paid search the more accurately we can gauge and react to the “true value” of the traffic for each ad the better the performance of the program.