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May 29 2014

Video: The Latest on Product Ads with Google and Bing

In this video, discover the latest on product ads for both Google and Bing. We'll discuss current and future Google PLA performance trends, detail how Bing's new product ads - recently out of beta - are stacking up, as well as how we think the new Shopping Campaigns will affect performance.

Mar 28 2014

What Are Your Leads Leading To?

Every lead generator is different, but in the end they all need to get customers to the site, optimize landing pages for lead conversion, and learn to improve the lead capture process by valuing leads all the way through to the secondary conversion.

Mar 19 2014

Utilizing Business Intelligence in Paid Search Strategy

Targeting business intelligence components can help to augment your primary KPI by optimizing for additional goals.

Mar 10 2014

Microconversions: A Critical Piece in the PPC Bidding Puzzle

What do we do when a keyword facilitates an intermediate step in the selling process? How do we credit the keyword for indirectly driving revenue down the line?