Here at RKG, in addition to successfully driving online marketing growth for countless clients, we take time to focus on community outreach and charitable efforts.

Next week, RKG will officially kick-off a new series of events focused on providing advertisers with tactical ideas for improving their online performance.

The Google Mobile Ads Blog recently featured a case study of Sweetwater Sound Inc. that highlights how they have been able to capitalize on the growth of the mobile traffic segment.

Deloitte LLP released its annual Technology Fast 500 list today and RKG is pleased to announce that we made the list.

Sometimes 1 + 1 = 4

RKG’s VP of Client Services, Matthew Mierzejewski discusses our experience working with PLAs with the Inside AdWords blog.

Welcome Paul Wilson

Hi. My name is Alex. I’m a Paid Search Analyst and would love to tell you about my experience as a new employee of RKG.

RKG is very pleased to welcome John T. Shea, formerly of Google, as our new VP of Strategic Accounts.

Terrific opportunities for talented people.

There are many solutions for tracking PPC to Call-Center spill-over, but we think our solution reigns supreme. How granular is your current PPC to call-center tracking? Does it track individual clicks? Ours does.

Many thanks to our staff in honor of Labor Day!

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As of Aug 1, 2010.

On Tuesday, July 20, 2010 at 11:00am RKG will be hosting a webinar with SingleFeed about getting the most value out of your Google Shopping and Google Adwords programs.

Today, we would like to introduce the RKG RegExp Duck Filter as an alternative method for creating and organizing AdGroups, using the words within the phrases themselves.

We have the finest analysts and highest analyst retention rates in the industry according to many representatives from the search engines. How did we get them?

On June 17, 2010 RKG’s Director of Marketing, Cady Condyles, and Austin Bliss, President and Co-Founder of FreshAddress, will be hosting a webinar discussing Advanced Strategies to Acquire Accurate Email Addresses.

RKG’s Director of Marketing, Cady Condyles and Sandy Pochapin of FreshAddress will be hosting a webinar on optimizing search campaigns to improve e-mail acquisition.

Announcing the RKG Attribution Management System

A few weeks ago, Rimm-Kaufman Group CEO George Michie had the pleasure of interviewing Linda Bustos of Elastic Path and the eCommerce blog, GetElastic.  Now the tables are turned with George in the hot seat.  They discuss the future of paid search as well as current best practices.  Read the full interview here. Technorati Tags: […]

Search Marketing Now webinar on the Long Tail.

A collection of our most enduring posts from 2009

The Forrester rankings are clearly meaningless. However, we couldn’t really rank our competitors either.

Joel says micromanaging vendors is essential. I say, it depends.