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Jan 30 2014

Video: Organic Mobile Search and Social Referrals

Matt Mierzejewski shares mobile organic search and social referral traffic trend findings from our Q4 2013 Digital Marketing Report. Find out who's leading in these areas and who is gaining ground.

Jan 28 2014

Video: Latest Research On Mobile Paid Search Performance

Craig Zagurski shares some key findings on mobile paid search performance from our Q4 2013 Digital Marketing Report.

Jan 15 2014

RKG Digital Marketing Report: Q4 2013 Released

We are once again happy to announce the release of the latest RKG Digital Marketing Report featuring our analysis of fourth quarter and holiday shopping trends for 2013.

Dec 03 2013

Cyber Monday Online Sales Up 19%, Black Friday Up 38%, But Will It Be Enough?

We can finally put some hard numbers to the question of how the 6 day shift in the holiday calendar has impacted consumer behavior so far, and what we might expect to see over the next few weeks.