People use search engines differently from one another and these differences impact paid search metrics.

Understanding PlusBox Product Extensions – A look under the hood. The Dos, the Don’ts and the Data.

Growth in mobile device traffic has continued unabated since we last published our data on this topic in January. While still a small percentage of our clients’ paid search advertising clicks, mobile traffic share grew 48% from Q4 ’09 to Q1 ’10.

Are Ad Sitelinks showing a true lift in brand traffic and sales or just a shuffling of sales from organic traffic to paid traffic?

As a core component of paid search quality score, a strong Click-Through Rate (CTR) is vital for ensuring lower costs per click and higher ad visibility. If you are seeing your CTR decline over months or years it can be concerning, but not necessarily an indication of a problem with your copy or PPC program as a whole.

Yahoo’s new syndication bidding controls should be a big win for everyone!

Sometimes it’s tempting to leap to conclusions in paid search. In this cautionary post, we’ll provide a tool for testing whether data has changed meaningfully, or whether you’re looking at statistical noise.

Bing came out of the gates hard in 2010!

Yahoo! announced their Q4 ’09 earnings on Tuesday, making their best effort to portray a 4% year over year decline in revenue as a signal of a turnaround. While that certainly beats the 12-13% declines Y! saw earlier in ’09, there are still troubling numbers deeper in the report and in RKG’s data.

Does broad match + negatives and lots of love and attention yield better results than a fully developed KW list with power tools and smart resource allocation? Not a chance, the opposite is the case.

A collection of our most enduring posts from 2009

December growth rates were okay, but the downward trend from October is puzzling.

The long tail matters.

The numbers are in, and show some intriguing trends.

The value of traffic from each network partner varies. Allowing advertisers to control what they pay for traffic from each would benefit the advertisers, the quality publishers, and the engines.

Data and other observations indicate that holiday 2009 should be a good one!

Anticipating traffic value shifts at the holidays is the key to a successful Q4.

A new study on search engine loyalty from the RKG skunk-works

New Google AdWords Plusbox Functionality, SERP Layout & Notable Data Updates

Has eBay been phasing out syndicated Yahoo ads in favor of Google’s? RKG records indicate a major change in the search partner landscape.

Is Bing gaining share?

Part 2 of our study: much of the conventional wisdom around paid search driving store sales may be wrong.

The findings are very interesting…but not what we expected!

How much does movement away from “last touch” allocation impact the perception of PPC marketing? Does it help PPC, or hurt? Find out what we’ve seen in the data.

June PPC comps are in, and not what we were hoping to see.