Failures can teach us a great deal, too.

Rogue affiliates are using device targeting to hide violations of affiliate terms and conditions that forbid running paid search ads on brand terms.

Could Google, who reaps the lion’s share of paid search spend from American advertisers, see its revenue grow 33% year over year if overall paid search spending declined by over 14% as Kantar Media reported?

Far too much has been written about Quality Score already and I’m loathe to add to the pile, but I have some ideas that might help us all.

Leeches shouldn’t complain about the taste of blood.

Are there literary parallels in the government’s recent moves against Google?

Good data analysis is the foundation of good marketing; bad data analysis is a waste of time.

In our experience, regardless of how well one follows adCenter’s Editorial Guidelines, something will inevitably be flagged with a “Pending Editorial Review.”

George rants about myths and the people who propagate them.

An update on what we thought was a bug.

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. Affiliate cheats and SEO link spammers.

The most powerful marketing comes from happy customers/clients spontaneously spreading the word. But increasingly vendors are saying nice things about each other for money.

If you need carrots and sticks to get your employees to work maybe you hired the wrong people.

There’s a difference between hunting and chasing. Similarly there’s a difference between PPC execution and marketing blather.

Are you looking at the right numbers? Do you control data or does it control you?

Transparency makes for better business, and for better government.

I’ll be hitting the road quite a bit over the next couple of months. My schedule is below; it would be fun to connect with other like-minded SEO geeks, so give me a shout here or on Twitter (where I’m @audette) if you’ll be nearby. In Las Vegas February 2-4: This is my regular twice- […]

Check sign-up scams should be illegal.

Today’s pet peeve: illegible captchas.

if a company needs research to determine what customers want, then the company is probably too far from the customer, and the software or product or service they produce will likely miss the mark.

You heard it here first!

After years of content-bashing, a sudden twinge of guilt: was it hypocritical to criticize AdSense without testing the publishing side?

USPS direct mail usually leaves me befuddled, and the environmailist [sic] mailing doesn’t disappoint.

Sometimes, we take technology for granted. That can be perilous in the search game.

Are your affiliates thieves robbing you blind, or a valuable network of allies driving sales? Here are six ways to sniff out the truth.