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May 21 2012

The Studies You Don't See

Failures can teach us a great deal, too.

Apr 27 2012

More Affiliate Dirty Tricks: Device Targeting Brand PPC

Rogue affiliates are using device targeting to hide violations of affiliate terms and conditions that forbid running paid search ads on brand terms.

Dec 21 2011

No, Paid Search Spend Didn't Plunge in Q3

Could Google, who reaps the lion's share of paid search spend from American advertisers, see its revenue grow 33% year over year if overall paid search spending declined by over 14% as Kantar Media reported?

Sep 26 2011

Quality Score Rant + 3 More Requests

Far too much has been written about Quality Score already and I'm loathe to add to the pile, but I have some ideas that might help us all.