Major updates from Facebook and Pinterest will change how marketers utilize each.

Google officially launches their newest and arguably biggest change to the AdWords sitelink format.

Yext has expanded its offering with PowerListings, a mechanism for businesses to control their local search listings from a single place. I had a couple of great conversations with some very sharp folks there and just wanted to share.

Based on the experience we’ve had using Dynamic Search Ads, Google invited us to share a bit more perspective over on their AdWords blog and to answer any additional questions readers might have here in our comments section.

Prior to the Search Alliance, you might remember Yahoo Search offering Rich Ads – multi-component ads, eligible to serve for brand terms. Just last month, Rich Ads became available to all adCenter advertisers.

RKG’s VP of Client Services, Matthew Mierzejewski discusses our experience working with PLAs with the Inside AdWords blog.

Quick tips for optimizing your PPC program for high-end mobile devices!

Quick tips for implementing & refining Google Sitelinks.

Product Listing Ads are an effective supplement to AdWords Text Ads.

Are Product Listing Ads just cannibalizing AdWords Text Ads? Read what we’re seeing in the data.

Display ads in the SERPs?

We’ve previously discussed the benefits of Sitelinks, Product Extensions, and the various pros and cons of those offerings. It’s been a month since AdWords Seller Rating Extensions went live, but is the extension helping or hurting you?

Understanding PlusBox Product Extensions – A look under the hood. The Dos, the Don’ts and the Data.

A New Google Ad Extension? Reviews showing in Line 5 of AdWords ad text. Here to stay?

Are Ad Sitelinks showing a true lift in brand traffic and sales or just a shuffling of sales from organic traffic to paid traffic?

Do coupon affiliates drive incremental sales? I’m doubtful, but willing to eat my words if one of the big dogs is willing to participate in this test.

New Google AdWords Plusbox Functionality, SERP Layout & Notable Data Updates