Back from TED in March: Blaise Aguera y Arcas’ PhotoSynth demo. Stunning technology from Microsoft Live Labs for building 3D models of the world from collections of regular snapshots.

Spam is so gosh darn obtuse these days.

MarketMotive just came out of beta, and they’ve provided me some guest passes for a free month, each a $299 value. Drop a note if you’d like one.

DMA Chicago, a dynamic mix of the old and the new.

Off topic: the light tunnel at the Detroit airport just makes me grin.

MarketMotive is an educational site focusing on web marketing. I’m looking forward to participating as their pay-per-click expert.

When was the last time you backed up the computer(s) on which you depend?

Incredible paper folding video from MIT. increases its lobbying efforts, starting with web taxation.

A small efficiency idea: use Jott to capture notes after conference conversations.

Three interesting random Google links, courtesy of Philipp Lenssen.

Off-topic post on Tom Swifties.

10048 remembered, six years later.

Persuasive Games uses video games as interactive social commentary.

The American Catalog Mailers Association, a new trade group for catalogers, launched in May.

Saw my first ad in a TSA security bin last week.

The best book on mathematical modeling is “How to Model It: Problem Solving for the Computer Age” by Starfield, Smith, and Bleloch.

Best to avoid making mistakes as much as possible, but when errors inevitably occur, over-the-top service recovery makes customers smile. Nice job, Staples.

The 2007 Online Merchandising Workshop just wrapped up a few hours ago, and it was a great show.

Some interesting links, no particular theme.

Is your company using facebook and myspace yet? If so, how? And with what results?

Went to BeCamp, my first un-conference this last weekend, and it was great. If “all the good stuff at a conference happens in the hallway”, an unconference is way to have nothing but “hallway”.

As with any marketing message, you win when you make life easier for your prospect.

The online world is orbiting Mountain View. Not surprisingly, Google continues to pull in top talent and ideas.

Remarkableness changes the relationship between prospect, customer, and marketer.