Econ 301: Commoditize your complements.

I’ve been enjoying Sally McGhee’s book on Outlook tips for managing email, tasks, and calendar intelligently.

Microsoft has released Strider Search Ranger, which helps content advertisers determine the IPs of the “publishers” snarfing up their ad budgets.

Last week I had the opportunity to try two new operating systems: Vista and Ubuntu. Both worked great. Ubuntu impresses, even on four year old hardware.

Hadn’t known Excel allowed custom graph types — a real timesaver.

Taking clear aim at Microsoft Office, Google announced Google Apps Premier yesterday. The real killer app will be Google Apps running inside a corporate firewall, perhaps by year’s end.

Match types are a critical — but too often overlooked — aspect of paid search. Put time and testing into your match type decisions — you’ll be well rewarded for it.

Microsoft continues to lose search market share. And switching from serving Yahoo ads to their own AdCenter paid search system has decreased revenue per search. Ouch.

Interesting riff last week from Robert Scoble on Google’s adopting a more MSFT-like approach to monetization, and what that means to site owners, to the public, to Microsoft, and to Google.

Does personalizing theMicrosoft adCenter campaign via “Search Steve” make the creative stronger or weaker?

Bureaucracy: Stewart Butterfield on Yahoo, Moishe Lettvin on Microsoft

Google announced that they’ve released their sitemaps spec to the community under the Creative Commons share-alike license, and that Yahoo and Microsoft have adopted the standard.

Microsoft now offers the “LinkFromDomain:” operator, showing you all the outbound links from a domain.

Highlights from the Google/Yahoo/Microsoft panel at Annual, NYC, Wednesday, October 11, 2006. Brett Goffin, Google.
Diane Rinaldo, Yahoo.
Jason Dailey, Microsoft.

There will be a press release going on the wires next week from NRF and ARTS on standardizing the formats used to send data to and receive data from the shopping comparison engines.

Last time, I discussed the unclear future direction of Would the search engine cut it’s previous plans to launch and develop a world class platform? TBD. As for now, the only clear conclusion is that Ask wants more traffic and is willing to go to great advertising lengths to get it. The plot thickens: […]

When your ads get syndicated out to an advertising network, all bets are off.

Google personalized home offered tabs on 14 September.

SEM Pricing: Bundled Prices vs A La Carte. Are you better off buying services for SEM, CSE, Affiliate Management, and SEO all under one price structure, or buying each service separately? George Michie discusses the value of the a la carte model.

The etiology of the GBS medical condition (“Google Blinders Syndrome”)

Windows Live, the replacement for MSN Search, is in early beta at I’m going to switch to for the next week or so as my personalized homepage for browsing feeds to see how it goes.

Initial tests of MSN AdLab demographics seem suspect.

I’m pleased to see Yahoo taking a more open approach to their paid search relaunch.

When using a time-of-day paid search bidding approach, you need to compare the cost of the advertising bought in that block with the resulting sales from that advertising, regardless of the hour in which those sales occurred.

When the blogosphere errs, it self-corrects amazingly fast. “With enough eyes, all bugs are shallow” applies to open-source news, too.