Would a simple change to search engine UIs produce a better experience for everyone?

Are you ready for Bing-hoo!?!

Bing came out of the gates hard in 2010!

A new study on search engine loyalty from the RKG skunk-works

Cashback is an attractive system: Bing pays users to shop at your website. But there are some things advertisers need to watch out for and some precautions they should take.

Bing Cashback pays users to make purchases using Bing. Here’s how it works.

Is Bing gaining share?

Microsoft is willing to buy share and Google may give them the opportunity.

The deal is done. What does it mean for paid search?

It’s hard to buy loyalty.

A look at how Bing Shopping (formerly MSN Shopping) integrates with paid search advertising.

A more careful study yields a different perspective.

We took a look at “Market Share” of the big three engines over time and saw some interesting trends.

MSN adCenter’s normalization and ad serving logic can cause some undesired effects.

We do not observe broad weakness in online sales.

I’ve been using Google’s new browser for a day and a half now. I like it.

The ad spend share situation by engine is essentially unchanged since last month.

Our thanks to the MSN engineers for the many calls and emails clarifying the V5.1 API docs. These are places we hit snags.

Looking at our agency’s client base in aggregate, last month Google received 79% of our clients’ ad dollars. Yahoo received 17%. Microsoft received 5%.

May 2008 search engine share results aggregated across RKG clients: steady, no big change. Google at 81%.

Microsoft to pay HP to make Live the default search engine in IE on new HP machines. Meanwhile, Ffox adoption continues to grow.

More thoughts on Microsoft Jellyfish CashBack.

Microsoft will offer cash back to users who make purchases after using Live search. IMHO, you can’t buy user loyalty.

For the first time, Google nudges Yahoo out of the top spot as most popular US site.

Looking at Q1 numbers for our client base, Google continues to gain paid search market share.