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Merkle | RKG uses proven link building strategies to build relationships and identify opportunities to increase the visibility of websites, social media channels and other digital content. We secure high quality links utilizing social media channels, integrated promotions, press releases, directories, blogger outreach and a dash of secret SEO sauce to make sure quality content provides maximum value.

In this video from Kyla Becker, find out how to implement a rel=”nofollow” tag in a link element and which links are top priority for receiving a “nofollow.”

Learn how to determine if you’re under manual penalty from Google and the steps you can take to reclaim SEO strength.

Learn about RKG’s Digital Visibility Strategy, how it differs from traditional link building and it’s relationship to marketing activities.

Find out how RKG’s approach to digital visibility differs from traditional link building.

Learn to create a long-term link development strategy including integrating social media and whether mobile deserves special attention.

Learn how to create an effective SEO strategy, driving more organic traffic by addressing all the primary elements.

The new year brings new opportunities for marketers. As we explore the ever increasing array of marketing vehicles available it is critically important that we also re-think some of the fundamentals of our core marketing efforts.

Watch part 2 of our interview with Danny Sullivan, where he and Adam discuss what’s changed over the years in link building, including Google’s disavow tool and whether directory links offer any real value. To watch parts 1 and 3 follow the links below: Danny Sullivan Interview Part 1 Danny Sullivan Interview Part 3

We had the pleasure of having Danny Sullivan visit the RKG Bend office recently, and Adam got to chat with him about where this crazy world of SEO and link development got started.

Will Google’s new disavow tool for links encourage some to generate spammy links at even greater rates?

Recent Google patents and documents may offer a glimpse of the aspect-driven future of search.

Learn how RKG creates link building strategies and performs high-level competitive analysis.

A Google message to webmasters stirred up some fear earlier this year, resulting in several discussions in the Internet marketing community on the current effectiveness of negative SEO.

Quality sites with quality links should be fine.

First, shut off the water.

Explore a list of resources designed to help you take your link building thinking to the next level.

A real backlink strategy isn’t about links at all, but about content, social, and promotional strategies that will engage people.

One thing is clear: the recent changes at Google have yet again raised the bar for SEO.

Few things will limit your SEO campaign like poor link building. Here’s how link quotas can hurt your SEO efforts.

Learn how link building is impacting more of your online presence than you think and how to better understand its impact.

Major updates from Facebook and Pinterest will change how marketers utilize each.

Today I have the privilege of sharing with you how RKG approaches link development, how we see it in the context of SEO strategy overall, and if you’re lucky, a bit about where we see our efforts going in the future.

Domain Authority is so powerful, that it easily woos Google into giving up her prizes: rankings. DA is the Kavorka and Google cannot resist.

Our recap and analysis of some of the biggest developments in SEO and search for the week ending December 23rd, 2011. GWT search queries Python script, rich snippet spam, the launch of SEOmoz historical link data and a Google bug!

With RKG now offering comprehensive SEO services, we highlight some of our favorite and most useful SEO blog posts.