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Apr 24 2014

Video: Google Launches 'Not Provided' for Paid Search

In this video, RKG Paid Search Director Paul Koch addresses why Google pulled the trigger on 'Not Provided' and what this change means for AdWords advertisers.

Oct 20 2011

Google Dynamic Search Ads are Here

RKG has been experimenting Dynamic Search Ads for some time now, here's our read on this significant new AdWords product.

Jun 13 2011

When Should You Delete a Low Traffic Keyword?

Regularly researching keyword opportunities and expanding your term list is critical to the success of a paid search program, but knowing when to delete keywords with low potential is also an important consideration in managing PPC accounts at scale.

Feb 24 2011

Paid Search Success Metrics by Length of Keyword

If we assume that keyword length is an imperfect-but-still-worthy proxy for the specificity of a phrase, then we’d expect to see a mathematically positive relationship between keyword length and conversion.