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Keyword strategy is a critical element in paid search marketing and effective search engine optimization. Whether looking at keyword research for a PPC campaign or to help determine how to craft website content, Merkle | RKG understands what defines an effective keyword and how it can drive marketing success. We use the blog to help brands refine keyword strategies and get information about the best tools and approach to keyword research.

In this video, RKG Paid Search Director Paul Koch addresses why Google pulled the trigger on ‘Not Provided’ and what this change means for AdWords advertisers.

RKG has been experimenting Dynamic Search Ads for some time now, here’s our read on this significant new AdWords product.

Regularly researching keyword opportunities and expanding your term list is critical to the success of a paid search program, but knowing when to delete keywords with low potential is also an important consideration in managing PPC accounts at scale.

If we assume that keyword length is an imperfect-but-still-worthy proxy for the specificity of a phrase, then we’d expect to see a mathematically positive relationship between keyword length and conversion.

It’s human nature to want to know what everyone else is doing. But don’t burn valuable time and money studying benchmarks.

Search log data investigation to see how often Google is serving brand ads when users search a non-brand string.

Get the most bang for your buck in paid search by focusing on the highest priority issues.

High product turnover is a paid search management challenge, which, through well-regulated use of smart tools can be handled effectively.

Does broad match + negatives and lots of love and attention yield better results than a fully developed KW list with power tools and smart resource allocation? Not a chance, the opposite is the case.

The long tail matters.

Just because there’s traffic doesn’t mean you want to pay for it.

Study the data carefully before making rash moves.

We’ve seen clients reallocate branding funds from offline marketing efforts to paid search recently. Why search?

When your SEM says “those keywords didn’t work”, it’s time to find a new agency.

The principles of direct marketing have not changed in 50 years. Online marketers would do well to pay attention to the lessons learned from experience.

Could inadvertent trademark violations cost your company?

The long tail of search, examined. Excerpts from a longer post at SEL.