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Google is a fundamental part of marketers lives and one of the most recognized companies worldwide. That’s why we have a designated blog category dedicated to this leading search engine. Since it’s launch in 1997, Google has changed the world of online marketing and the way we look at PPC and SEO opportunities. We keep our fingers on the pulse of Google’s ever changing nature and can’t seem to stop ourselves from reporting and speculating about the ways they continue to shape the digital marketing landscape.

Yext has expanded its offering with PowerListings, a mechanism for businesses to control their local search listings from a single place. I had a couple of great conversations with some very sharp folks there and just wanted to share.

Based on the experience we’ve had using Dynamic Search Ads, Google invited us to share a bit more perspective over on their AdWords blog and to answer any additional questions readers might have here in our comments section.

One result of Search Plus your World may be greater adoption of Google+ as a social network. If that happens, brands will have to make a stronger effort to show up in Google+ newsfeeds and the inclusion of Google+ activity in search results solidifies the need for Google+ to be a part of your larger social media strategy.

This post started as a short announcement of the recent conferences where I’ll be speaking in the next few months. But once pen hit paper, I guess I had more to say! The merger and acquisition of AudetteMedia by RKG has certainly taken some time and attention. It’s good to be back at my desk. […]

When looking for paid search “squatters” on your brand, it’s common to simply go to, query your brand name, and see which arch-rivals pop up in the ad slots. Those results don’t show the whole picture though.

Today we released the RKG Digital Marketing Report for the fourth quarter of 2011, offering data and analysis for paid search, SEO, Facebook advertising and more.

Each advertiser contributes less to Google than it may appear.

Could Google, who reaps the lion’s share of paid search spend from American advertisers, see its revenue grow 33% year over year if overall paid search spending declined by over 14% as Kantar Media reported?

Have you ever wanted a site to appear in country-specific organic search results, without going through the trouble of creating full-blown country-specific sites? Well, you’re in luck, but be ready to act like a guinea pig! One of the most rewarding aspects of search engine optimization, is continually working in unique, and sometimes, strange situations. We […]

This is an update to our previous article on the SEO Impact of Losing Search Query Data back in late October. Now that more time has passed and Google’s rolled out secure sessions (with suppressed query data) widely for its logged in users, we can assess the damage with more accuracy. Here’s where we are […]

Google recently introduced the ability to automatically push keyword bids to the top of page CPC. Does it make sense for advertisers to utilize this new feature?

Our read on Black Friday paid search performance and what it portends for the rest of the holiday season.

The tumult around Google’s move to encrypt searches for signed-in users obscured the larger issue that data for organic search traffic has never been as robust as the data we have for paid search.

To help make sure your CSE efforts not only hold up, but excel this year, we offer 10 tips for a successful holiday program.

Pay-per-call is here, but will it take-off?

Conversation with Jonathan Alferness on new landing page Quality Score signals

RKG has been experimenting Dynamic Search Ads for some time now, here’s our read on this significant new AdWords product.

Trend data is fascinating, and occasionally even useful!

Paid search remained resilient in Q3, with data from the RKG client base showing that year over year growth rates accelerated for both ad spend and revenue.

In just a few short weeks we will find ourselves engrossed in bidding adjustments, ad copy changes and other time sensitive updates, so now is the time to get a few extra projects checked off your list that will pay off during the holiday frenzy.

We’ve long maintained that conversion rates don’t vary much by position, but we haven’t had such a clear view of the position of each ad click until now.

A recount and analysis of some of the more interesting bits from the Google antitrust hearing.

…And the SERP changes continue.

While ValueTrack can provide useful insights about individual ad clicks, its functionality isn’t as well known as other AdWords reporting features.

A Google test could mark a significant turning point in the convergence of SEO and PPC.