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Advertisers have always understood the importance of being present where people are spending time. As television budgets shift to capture explosive Facebook audience attention, marketers are tapping into the potential of the Facebook platform. Today, brands can establish a Facebook presenece to accomplish business objectives from brand awareness to customer service to product and service sales. Online social media marketing, in particular Facebook advertising, allows businesses to target users by very precise demographics making it a very effective advertising tool. Merkle | RKG understands how to utlize ad spend to build a solid fan base, promote special offers and gain more visibility from content published on the platform. We break down what we learn, share tips and discuss how social is doing it’s part to redefine the digital landscape right here on the RKG blog.

Facebook announces the development and roll out Graph Search, which will include web search powered by Bing.

Facebook, Google+ and Twitter can help make your content more shareable with rich snippets of content that can be shared across platforms.

Are you utilizing your page posts for advertising with Facebook’s Page Post Ads? If so, it is important to make sure that your posts are optimized so that the advertisements are being displayed in a user-friendly way.

Announcing the RKG Digital Marketing Report for Q2 2012. Google search spend growth slows as it moves to cash in on comparison shopping.

Big news on Facebook advertising.

What are the differences between Facebook’s Promoted Posts and Page Post Ads? Let’s take a look at both formats.

Facebook has quietly rolled out new changes to how ads are created through the Facebook Ad Creation Tool in Facebook’s user interface.

At its fMC event in New York City this Wednesday, Facebook announced major design changes to brand pages.

Major updates from Facebook and Pinterest will change how marketers utilize each.

As we move toward the holiday season, more online retailers are interested in unlocking spend on Facebook, but quick wins will lose momentum if not anchored by a larger plan.

In order to get the most out of social media, you must broaden your scope from focusing on one-click conversions to the entire Facebook Marketing Ecosystem.

Though not all Facebook Likes are equally valuable, comparing our own count to those of our competitors is a common proclivity and it can offer guidance as a high level benchmark, particularly if we consider some context.

An early read on the potential of the Google+ project.

Looking at data across RKG’s Attribution and Facebook clients we assess how Facebook users are currently fitting into the larger multi-channel picture.

We provide an overview of the unique metrics available to Facebook advertisers.

We walk you through the basic process of setting up your first Facebook ad campaign.

By now, the question online advertisers are facing with regard to Facebook advertising is not “why?” but “how?”

George Michie interview with Scott Silverman of Ifeelgoods.

Facebook ads: what content advertising was supposed to be?